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Get in the Bed

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Get in the Bed

Often when my wife and I go to bed at night our dog ends up sharing the bed with us as well. He is a black dog that weighs about 100 pounds so you can imagine that he takes up a good portion of the bed at night when he decides that he wants to sleep with us. Since we have black sheets he tends to blend in with the bed making it hard to tell if he sneaks up there before us.

Most nights, after I turn off the lights and TV and am lying there in the dark, I can hear my dog get off of the floor and he props his (heavy) head on the foot of our bed. He eagerly awaits the invitation to come up into the bed with us and claim his spot. I can see the glimmer of his eyes as the moonlight from outside of our windows hits them. Normally I will instinctively pat the bed and tell him to come on and get in the bed without even looking around at him.

On this particular night my wife was out of town and it was just me and the dog hanging out. After staying up late and watching a movie I decided that it was time for bed. I went through my normal routine of showering while my dog lay on the bed trying to get asleep ahead of me. Since it was late I never really paid attention to what was going on. I got out of the shower turned out the lights and never even turned on the TV. I was completely exhausted, just wanting to get some sleep.

Not long after my head hit the pillow I heard the normal shifting sound coming from the floor meaning that my dog was about to “ask permission” to come to bed. I was hoping that he would since I was alone in the bed and I was not used to sleeping in an empty bed. I felt the heavy weight as his head hit the foot of our bed and looked up to see that light glimmering off of those eager eyes again. I reached out and patted the bed with my hand to show that I was ok with him getting up into the bed and said “come on boy, get in the bed”. As soon as I said that I heard my dog lift his head up and growl towards the foot of our bed.

The noise that it made back at my dog is a sound that I wish that I would never have to hear again, of course, these are likely the last sounds that I will ever hear. As I lie here in terror I can see those eager, hungry eyes crawling up towards me…

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arez_12 avatar
6 years ago

ok wow the end gave me chills really good job

ab107604 avatar
6 years ago

the ending didn’t really make any sense. it just jumped from here to there

a_wolf_by_any_other_name avatar

[spoiler]“…then I saw my wife”s cat.”[/spoiler]

calamity avatar
7 years ago

5 ⭐️ from me.
I’m obsessed with horror so I knew where this was going but was not disappointed!

Omfi avatar
7 years ago

So the dog ate him?

iMeloyNyan avatar
7 years ago

How come your dog hasn’t sensed anything… From what I heard, dogs can sense bad entities quickly. Is that right?

7 years ago

Oh wow…….I knew that was coming. xD

7 years ago

Very very good. Because he wasn’t the most aware, he forgot his dog was already on the bed, and whatever the hell was on the floor was the one waiting for his “invitation”. Very well done!

maxmadness14 avatar
7 years ago

Great job! But the grammar and spelling could’ve been better. Also very predictable

RedShadowdDX avatar
8 years ago


The dog was on the bed, the guy forget about it (it actually says that because the dog has black fur it blends in) and the monster was on the floor.

JRGTrumpeter avatar
8 years ago

It was a good pasta, wished it had more…Choo choo

8 years ago

Woah,dude. This actually was pretty good, but not long enough.
I like really loooong stories, like BEN drowned.
No offense, but 4/5

JaneKillr avatar
8 years ago

I really liked this. At first I was a little confused about how the dog was on the bed, and then on the floor, but then i realized that the guy forgot that the dog was ON the bed and the monster thing was on the floor. This was a really cool but I would like to hear more about this monster. Other than that this is really excellent writing and I love the detail you put into it.

8 years ago

Pretty good, 5/5 from me.

danij avatar
8 years ago

Great story!!
But I think the last paragraph is best left out. 4/5!

8 years ago

I don’t get it because one minute the dog is laying on the bed waiting for you (hence jumps on the bed without permission) and the next he eagerly awaits your invitation to join you!?! Which is it?

Spelling and grammar errors all over.

Premise is good though and still have me a chill 🙂 3/5

8 years ago

entertaining story.

8 years ago

[spoiler]I went through my normal routine of showering while my dog lay on the bed trying to get asleep ahead of me[/spoiler] then [spoiler] I heard the normal shifting sound coming from the floor meaning that my dog was about to “ask permission” to come to bed[/spoiler].
Really, I was hesitant to think the one on the floor or the one beside you in bed was a ghost. Turns out it was another thing. 4/5 Please elaborate

TiredLawliet avatar
8 years ago

It’s a good story, but one that’s been done far too often. I think the fun of these types of Pastas isn’t in the reveal, but in seeing how many different interpretations of the set up there are.

8 years ago

Wow, this was well written. Won’t look at my dog the same way again (not that he wasn’t a little creepy anyway)