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All Eyes on Me

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All Eyes on Me

You’re not going to believe what happened to me. I was alone at an unusually long red light at about 3 o’clock. I swear the traffic light wasn’t staying red by coincidence. Anyway, I was sitting there thinking about how busy my day will be tomorrow when a knock on my driver’s side window made me jump. After I turned to see what it was, my heart skipped a beat. The nuisance was a kid of about 15 yrs old who was wearing entirely black. What really startled me however were his eyes. They were as dark as his clothes. I don’t mean the kid’s irises were black; I mean he had no whiteness in his eyes at all.

I didn’t want to open the window. Who in their right mind would? My gut instinct was telling me to just go through the red light. But I decided to roll down the window anyway to see what the little oddball wanted. He asked, “Hey mister, is there any way you could give me a ride to Part Street? It’s just a few blocks up.”

I had never even heard of this street before, but had no intention on asking more about it. I told him that I was in a hurry and wouldn’t be able to give him a ride. The boy then tried to assure me that where he was going was in the same direction as my destination and would only be a few minutes. Again, I declined him.

Now, don’t think that I’m not a Good Samaritan. I’ve done my share of charity work. It’s just in that moment, I knew if I were to let this person in my car, the outcome wouldn’t be good. The boy then started to become more anxious and even upset that I wasn’t agreeing to the ride. “Come on Mister, it’s not like I have a weapon or anything. If you let me in, I’ll even let you pat me down”.

When he said that, I started to REALLY get nervous. Not only does him offering a pat down sound like a type of entrapment waiting to happen, but the way he said he didn’t have a weapon didn’t sound quite right to me. When he said, “It’s not like I have a weapon” it sounded more like he was saying, “It’s not like I ‘need’ a weapon”. My response to him was, “Sorry, I don’t give rides to minors. There’s too many legal ramifications that could arise.”

The next thing the kid said was the last straw. His words were, “Look, just tell me you’ll give me the ride. You don’t have to really give me the ride or anything, just say that you give me permission to go with you. If you do that, I’ll stop bugging you”.

Immediately, I replied, “Sorry kid”, rolled up my windows, and ran the red light. Of course there was a cop around to witness my transgression. Who knows, maybe it was a big set up. At first I felt relieved to see him, but that soon dissipated once he handed me a ticket. I think telling him about the black eyed kid and insanely long red light may have caused him to want to give me a ticket. He acted as if I was trying to lie myself out of a fine. Go figure.

“That’s an interesting story” replies Gina with a smile, “Although, I think you may have overreacted. I mean the kid was probably wearing those Halloween contact lenses that make the eyes appear dark. You said he was wearing all black too…maybe it was his style”.

“Oh no, if you were there Gina, you’d realize that there was something evil and maybe even unworldly about that boy. I’m sure he was evil in child form! Besides as I was driving here, I realized that Part spelled backwards is TRAP. He was trying to lead me to a backwards trap!”

Now laughing, Gina sarcastically replies, “Wow, let’s be sure to tell everyone to beware of this terrible evil that is lurking about.”

John, still with a very serious face calmly replies, “If only you were there. It’s getting late. I best get going. Honestly though, I still feel nervous driving by myself, especially now that it’s dark”.

“Don’t worry” Gina Smirks “I doubt the spooky lad is going to get you”.

John walks out of Gina’s apartment and into the elevator. Suddenly a young pre-teen runs up. To his horror, this girl had the same black eyes. “Sir, can you please let me into the elevator?” the youngster asks.

Immediately, John hits the door-close button which doesn’t react. The young lady, now strangely standing in front of the open elevator asks, “May I ride down with you?” Not knowing how to respond, John hits the door close button one more time to no avail. He walks out and answers, “You know what, I think I’ll take the stairs”.

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HarleyJw avatar
6 years ago

I like it, it was some pretty tasty pasta 4/5

FreekyPotato avatar
6 years ago

My friend and I did a prank almost like that last night!

Forgetmenot_ForgottenRegardless11003 avatar

yeah the end part on the character should have been more thought out but aside from that it was a good pasta

ViolentViolet666 avatar
6 years ago

Tupac song

horrorsquirrel avatar
7 years ago

I’m a fan of the black eyed kids phenomena. I love how the story has real world repercussions *run a red light get a ticket* *let strange black eyed children in your car get eaten* And the humor is wonderfully placed. Great job.

Hellnaw avatar
7 years ago

Wasent really scary but quite comic instead, nevertheless liked it alot. Especially the ending 😀

Tavir avatar
7 years ago

the ending is not the best, but still a really enjoyable light in style pasta, good job!

AbsoluteTerro avatar
7 years ago

I like this story but what i dislike is the end of the story…
When he said “You know what, I think I’ll take the stairs”.
but the rest i like it especially when he met the boy with black eyes

7 years ago

Ehhh… why get out of the elevator at the end to take the stairs? Seems… not well thought out.

8 years ago


TabbyDanDeleon avatar
8 years ago

Probably the 6th or 7th Black Eyed Kids pasta I’ve read. Definitely one of the better ones. Good job! 🙂

Thecreepygamer avatar
8 years ago

This is good story it’s an urban legond I’ve here about the black eyed children I give this story 5/5

8 years ago

Epic story. Just epic. But I’d. Get a gun and fuck no

8 years ago

[spoiler]the black eyed children all started back in the late 1990’s when Texas reporter Brian Bethel “encounterd” two boys about the age of 12 needing a ride to a movie……[/spoiler]

but all in all i thought it was a pretty good story it kept me interested until the end of the story so keep up the great work

the149experiment avatar
8 years ago

I laughed.

batman4401 avatar
8 years ago

This story didn’t really have a scare factor…

thehidddeanngel avatar
8 years ago

Its not really scary, but it’s more interesting, 4/5!!!

Okusama-Micha avatar
9 years ago

Actually, this is quite real, a lot of people experience the ‘Black Eyed Children’.

CookieWookieBug avatar
9 years ago

Im going to the stairs okay?

9 years ago

It changes from first to third person…except for that it was a good pasta