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We had just moved into a little ranch house in the suburbs. Storybook neighborhood – quiet, friendly neighbors, picket fences, the whole nine yards. Suffice it to say that this was supposed to be a new start for me, a recently single dad, and my three-year-old son. A time to move on from the previous year’s drama and stress.

I viewed the thunderstorm as a metaphor for this fresh start: one last show of theatrics before the dirt and grime of the past would be washed away. My son loved it anyway, even with the power out. It was the first big storm he’d ever seen. Flashes of lightning flooded the bare rooms of our house, imparting unpacked boxes with long creeping shadows, and he jumped and squealed as the thunder boomed. It was well past his bedtime before he’d finally settled down enough to go to sleep.

The next morning I found him awake in bed and smiling. “I watched the lightning at my window!” he proudly announced.

A few mornings later, he told me the same thing. “You’re silly,” I said. “It didn’t storm last night, you were only dreaming!” “Oh…” He seemed somewhat disheartened. I ruffled his hair and told him not to worry, there should be another storm soon.

Then it became a pattern. He would tell me how he watched the lightning outside his window at least twice a week, despite there being no storms. Recurring dreams of that first memorable thunderstorm, I figured.

It’s easy to hate myself in hindsight. Everybody assures me there’s nothing I could have done, no way I could have known. But I’m supposed to be the guardian of my child, and these are useless words of comfort. I constantly relive that morning: making my coffee, pouring milk over my cereal, and picking up the newspaper to read about the pedophile local authorities had just arrested. It was front-page stuff. Apparently this guy would select a young target (usually a boy), stake out their house for a while, and take flash photos of them through their window while they slept. Sometimes he did more. My stomach sank as the connection was made.

At the time, it was merely something from a child’s imagination. In retrospect, it is the scariest thing I’ve ever heard. About a week before the predator was caught, my son came up to me in his pajamas. “Guess what?” he asked.


“No more lightning at my window!”

I played along. “Oh, that’s nice, it finally died down huh?”

“No! Now it’s in my closet!”

I’ve yet to see the photos police have collected.

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4 months ago

Jesus christ that ending genuinely scared me, like seriously if i don’t see another story made by you im gonna be genuinely dissapointed

Endy avatar
5 months ago

shit. that realisation hit me like a fucking truck

6 years ago

OMG 🙁 I have no words

Gingerblackcat avatar
6 years ago

This story was scariest by far. Monsters in reality can hide in plain sight. And that’s what’s chilling.

6 years ago

this is one of my favorite creepy pastas I’ve ever read. It’s short but hits you like a brick.

The Best
The Best
6 years ago

I like the fact that it’s something that can actually happen. Great job.

Maolios avatar
6 years ago

Ooh. Ahhhhh this pasta got my stomach doing acrobatics. Delicious!

7 years ago

Wow that was a very unique and solid read. 5/5

Omfi avatar
7 years ago

Nice build up of suspicion

7 years ago

the end was great .. one of the best pasta i ever read

GrimmBullet avatar
7 years ago

Good read and we’ll written.

7 years ago

This was great, as a mother this terrified me!

mr picky
mr picky
7 years ago

it is a fantastic story but theres one thing bothering me. when you take pictures outside with flash light, the light will reflect back from the window right? so the pedophile didn’t took any valid pictures. but still it makes a great pasta

CrimsonBLOOD avatar
8 years ago

Loved it! Less Is more 😀

DarkPrinceOfPasta avatar
8 years ago

WOW. I have lightning storms like that here… OMG HES IN THE WINDOW LOL Great story loved it 10/10

TheCheshireCat avatar
8 years ago

It’s even more creepy because it’s so probable. It could definitely happen. It’s the type of thing that makes you check for monsters at night! 10/10!

8 years ago


8 years ago

I hope that another will becoming soon =)

Dr.CreepenvanPasta avatar
Dr. Creepen van Pasta
8 years ago

Horrifying… I genuinely didn’t see that ending coming. As a father, I can attest that this is the worst of all nightmares.

I plan on recording this one.

8 years ago

Absolutely terrifying to parents of small children. That’s a fear like no other. You nailed it!