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An Odd Occurrence at the Train Tracks

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An Odd Occurrence at the Train Tracks

Edwin was widely considered to be one of the better actors of his time. Some even called him the best overall. With a healthy, theatrical love for Shakespeare plays, he found any chance he could to get involved in one, a contestant among critics to be the finest Hamlet that there ever was, and ever will be.

After being selected out of a few other popular performers for a role, as well as to visit his sister, he eagerly awaited at the train station. It was loud and populated with people, the air being filled with the noise and chatter among the others there. The day was chilly and filled with rainfall, making the station having an almost white noise sound around it.

When the train finally arrived, the crowd was all too anxious to get on the train and hurdled towards it, pushing a young college student near the edge of the platform. He struggled to keep his footing and stumbled onto the tracks as he lost his balance.

Edwin, having witnessed this from the corner of his eye, yelled at the conductor to stop the train, but the man was unable to hear him over all the frantic noise, and it was already too late for him to do so. The train began to move and towards the young man who was now trapped between the carts.

After waiting for certain doom as the wheels began to turn before him, the man closed his eyes before suddenly being lifted and helped off the tracks quickly. The scholar recognized Edwin and called him out by name as he was lifted from the train tracks, the carts passing by as he was saved from death, lifted by the collar of his shirt. They looked at each other briefly, silent, before the schoolboy thanked him.

After saving his life, after a quiet moment, Edwin introduced himself to the boy, who in turn revealed that his name was Robert. They would never see each other again. In a manner of a few weeks after the incident, the President of the United States was murdered in the White House in an event that shocked the world and nation.

The actor was the brother of John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated the student’s father, Abraham Lincoln.

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LIMU EMU avatar
7 months ago

not scary but I still think this is a cool story 7/10

Chaseti127 avatar
5 years ago

This is a really interesting story 🙂 really enjoyed it

IAmABear avatar
6 years ago

Not creepy, but interesting. 2 out of 5.

Darling01 avatar
6 years ago

Good story, and nice writing.. but as a history major and a published author I find this historically inaccurate. Although your writing is as original as it can be, it doesn’t belong on Creeypasta and is not creepy or scary in anyway.

Slayer200 avatar
6 years ago

I find this story really interesting because what would have happened if Edwin did and would john wilkes booth have killed the president or would he have let him live.

6 years ago

Performers were selected to visit your sister?

Omfi avatar
7 years ago

How is this creepy

Exodus112 avatar
7 years ago

I hate Eminems

Eminems avatar
7 years ago

i was slightly confused at the end, but mostly because i don’t know my history very well. It didn’t interest me as much as others, i’m sorry that i couldn’t understand it more. I would advise you to maybe add more detail so that more people could understand it (like me) and improve the style of writing. But overall decent. Keep up the good work! 🙂

7 years ago

wait wut
im sooo confused 6-9

Crystal07 avatar
7 years ago

Well, wasn’t Lincoln killed in a theater?

TheMoonborn52 avatar
8 years ago

Ok, so I didn’t really like this one all too much, and don’t see why it was approved. Honestly. Lincoln wasn’t assassinated on the White House, and overall, it’s just not scary or creepy. Nice story and nice writing, but this story doesn’t belong on this site. Just my opinion. 3/10

8 years ago


Dome515 avatar
8 years ago

Huh, well what do ya know, John Wilkes Boothe’s brother saved Lincoln’s son. Not a scary pasta, but that’s pretty cool.

Lione.SD. avatar
8 years ago

OK now i get it

Whispers-Brake avatar
8 years ago

i give it 6/10

8 years ago

Very confusing. I had to read the last sentence at least six times before understanding. Not very creepy but IF related to historical facts, is rather interesting. If the style of writing is changed and words flow off the tongue like liquid this should be easier to read. For future reference, read the writing out loud before posting, you’ll be able to improve your writing better that way.

megarawr248 avatar
8 years ago

wow not creepy but still cool

Pinetree's Revenge
Pinetree's Revenge
8 years ago

Very good, even though it’s not really creepy. The last sentence confused me on who was who, though. This story is also a nice departure of the other creepypastas, witch is a good thing, since you can have a nice calm story that is actually quite sweet.

geardeath avatar
8 years ago

He wasn’t killed in the white house. He was killed inside of a theater.