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In 1999, my family visited Disneyland. We happily rode the Small World ride. I was 12 at the time and my sister was 6. We loved every moment and our parents smiled with nostalgia.

At one time near the end, some lights suddenly shut off and rear lights illuminated the ceiling.

The moving display parts shut off and crew members wearing red overalls walked along them to help passengers in the boats onto the stages to direct them out of the building via emergency exits.

A voice came over the loudspeakers. “Disneyland thanks you for your visit. Please evacuate the attraction in an orderly fashion. Keep looking foward and follow the directions of staff. Thank you.”

The staff wouldn’t tell us much as they quickly ushered us out of the building. Ambulances were outside and a police car was parked in the main walkway. At the time, my mother still had her camera out and snapped a few photos of the crewmen and close-ups of the mechanical children.

She snapped a few last-minute photos of whatever to use up the last of the roll of film on the camera, since we were going to develop them later that afternoon, anyway. This was the last photo on the reel, aimed at the ceiling at the attraction.

Disneyland Creepypasta

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1 month ago

not the best pasta ever

2 years ago

I can’t tell if that’s a hanging doll or some weird distorted mickey mouse head, my brightness is all the way up and I’ve been trying to zoom in more for like 5 minutes now lol weak ending but ok when you first start wrghtng.

4 years ago

“The moving display parts shut off and crew members wearing red overalls walked along them to help passengers in the boats onto the stages to direct them out of the building via emergency exits.” Whatever is hanging from the ceiling is wearing red overalls. Deduction: A worker was hanging from the ceiling.

BubblyShip avatar
6 years ago

I just read the name DisneyLand and was terrified already.

StephenKingFan12139 avatar

Bruh, if your gonna hang yourself, do it where it wont ruin everyone’s day, okay? okay!

Firegod88 avatar
6 years ago

Story was ok. I couldn’t get what they were referring to until I read the comments though.

Blacktiger35YT avatar
6 years ago

congratulations you just earn your self a free ticket to Disneyland, so just hang in there your ride will come shortly

Selkie avatar
7 years ago

Why are people having so much trouble seeing the child?
Small elegant tale.

7 years ago

A hanging..

7 years ago

Good read, well written

Firestarbeta avatar
7 years ago


NightsShadow avatar
7 years ago

I really like the idea of the kid dying at one of the happiest rides in the park really creepy reminds me of the gallows…really good job with the pasta!

Omfi avatar
7 years ago

Bro why smile dog hang himself

Mother_Insanity avatar
7 years ago

Is it weird that I laughed at the picture? ‘Cause I’m laughing a bunch

7 years ago

Very Well Done Story! I’ve Heard Of This Incident In The Small World Ride And Thought You Did An Outstanding Job Of Filling In The Gaps And Adding To The Story.

SorrowGray avatar
7 years ago

I honestly couldn’t see anything wrong with the picture at first. I had to lean in and squint. Then, I saw the kid hanging from the ceiling.

Dragonlordmikey avatar
7 years ago

Well I feel bad for the kid that died ps great story I give it a 10/10 keep writing story’s

Kingofpastas avatar
7 years ago

Hey guys, this creepypasta is based of a story of an incident in Disneyland regarding the ride “It’s a small world”. Apparently people were forced out of the theme park and several photos were taken, this photo being one of them. Also that’s a child not a hellhound

TheCreepLord avatar
7 years ago

Phenomenally moronic 0 all day

7 years ago

that looks like a retarded doll 2/10 bleh disgusting pasta tastes like chicken