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My legs and torso are bound by a series of buckled leather straps. The mask lets me breathe but I’m unable to call for help. My arms are secured at the elbow and wrist. The only thing my hands can reach is the combination lock dangling at my waist. I click it shut. We are go for launch.

Now I close my eyes, and I focus. Calm… focus. I remember shaking his hand. That’s key—it doesn’t work without some past physical contact, I’ve never figured out why. She introduced us at the office Christmas party she dragged me to. He seemed like a nice enough guy. I remember joking that the two of them would make a good-looking couple. Just as funny now as it was then.

Focus! Remember the handshake… remember the face… focus on the face… find the face… there. I have it. Now turn it around. A familiar wave rushes through me, and when I open my eyes I am no longer bound to my safety board. I am sitting.

“Hey, are you okay?” she asks, her hand on his forearm. “You looked like you were about to pass out!”

Candlelight. Dinner table. Steak, baked potato, broccoli, red wine. A man cooked this. How romantic.

Working the body is always an awkward proposition during the first minute or so. So I don’t stand up right away. Instead I look at her and smile his smile.

“Yeah, no, I’m fine. I’m just… I was somewhere else for a moment. I’m sorry, I really am fine.” She withdraws slightly at the sound of his voice, so I take her hand in his and offer a chuckle she doesn’t quite return. She looks concerned. I remember that look well.

I stand, gingerly, and step behind her chair—his smile still in place, her eyes following, then closing. I stand behind her and place his hands on her shoulders, kneading them lightly as she purrs with approval. I bend slowly, wrap my arms around her, and embrace her from behind. His cheek against hers, I can feel her smile. She has closed her eyes. I whisper.

“I love you.” She breathes in, deeply. Happily.

I take the steak knife from the table and drive it into the left side of her neck, tearing it across her throat as hard as I can. She thuds to the table and drains. I prefer not to watch. I toss the knife onto the table and wipe his hands on his pants. I have the luxury of not worrying about the crime scene.

I slip him into his jacket, mindful to avoid any glance at the wall mirror next to his coat rack, and walk out of the apartment, down the stairs, and out through the foyer into a light flurry of snow. I turn right. It takes less than two minutes to find a police officer. I grin and hold out red-stained hands.

“Hi! I just killed my girlfriend.” I casually turn and put his hands behind his back. As the handcuffs tighten on his wrists, I close his eyes and think about my room, hard. I feel his knees give out.

The light is familiar now. My arms and chest ache where he fought the straps. Ow… I guess he made quite a go of it. Not surprising, having suddenly found himself here, bound, unable to speak. But still… ow. I expect he’s not enjoying the cuffs. I dial the combination, release myself from the straps, strip off the mask, and dismantle the safety board from the wall bracket.

As I stow the board away in the attic, I begin rehearsing for tomorrow’s performance.

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CommanderMeouch avatar
6 years ago

Ohh hoo hoo! This was a good one I really liked it! I wish there was more to it, I’d love to read more about it, especially what “tomorrows performance” is! Either way, very creative, very awesome. I loved it. 10/10

6 years ago

wow this was wonderfully written !!!!
it is not confusing in the least…
and it was a body swap ! [spoiler] My arms and chest ache where he fought the straps [/spoiler]
shows that while the [spoiler] story teller was in his body, he went into the story tellers body [/spoiler] and basically it sounds like [spoiler] this guy was introduced to the girl he is in love with’s new man.. and he is like.. hell naw – so his creepy little self goes to his attic to his board where he knows he can switch bodies with someone.. and switches bodies with this new love so that it looks like he killed her so that the story teller can be with her and comfort her instead..

for those that don’t get it.. try rereading it with that in mind and it should be less confusing and you will understand why youthought it was written in third person

KetsuekiOkami avatar
7 years ago

Great creepypasta 5/5

Lane potts
Lane potts
8 years ago

very confusing but creepy

8 years ago

Why was this so funny to me?

IBehindYouI avatar
8 years ago

The killing-your-girlfriend suddenly really got me there. I had to read back just to make sure I reads it right. Yep, he killed her. You made me read in anticipation with the first couple sentences. Pretty cool story. I guess the guy didn’t really “swap”, it’s more of a body control. Anyhow, I still enjoyed it.

8 years ago

This was a really good story and im really happy im decided to read this instead of doing the math working i should be doing right now!=)

the149experiment avatar
8 years ago

[spoiler]spoilerspoilerspoiler!!! The story is about[/spoiler]

TheGuy avatar
8 years ago

An interesting and short creepypasta! 5/5

ExDeus avatar
9 years ago

the plot is pure genius, didn’t expect that ._.
the last 2 paragraph explain it all

AshKnight avatar
9 years ago

Well I get it it’s a pretty good story …there should be more of it though

9 years ago

Really? People dont get what happened here? Wow.

Cool idea. Good story. I liked it.

Escreep avatar
9 years ago

Nice one.
I’m a bit confused of the story.
Pretty creepy if it were in real life.

mangafreak360 avatar
9 years ago

I don’t get it

Eva Rogers
Eva Rogers
9 years ago

He wasn’t talking about himself in third person. He swapped bodies with someone else. Hence it’s called “Swap.” [spoiler][/spoiler]

spacey_charlie avatar
9 years ago

That was awesome. Totally new perspective of how something like this could happen. 5/5

9 years ago

It kinda threw me off the way he talks about himself in third person, but when you look past that its really creepy.

I.Love.Jeff.The.Killer avatar

Nice, I’m all “woah o.o”

9 years ago

My Mind is F*cked up now!! thanks!! 5/5

9 years ago

I dont understand what the story is about. Anybody care to explain?