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Blank Stares

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Blank Stares

I’m a scaredy-cat. There’s nothing that I hate more than being left alone at night in a dark, rambling house. In truth I usually do okay. Stay in my chair, on my computer… watch horror movies and shows. I’m a scaredy-cat, but I kind of like being scared.

I was doing my usual routine. Watching things, snacking, waiting for my room mates to get home and bring the house to life again. Nature called to me and I abandoned my comfortable nest I made in the arm chair to wander to the bathroom. This room in particular is one of those modern examples of style. Big white space with mirrored surfaces, and the affronting display of the latrine tucked into its own small room with a linen closet behind a separate door.

It really bugs me, but whenever some one else uses my bathroom they always leave all the doors ajar. I never catch them so I don’t know who to scold, but they all know it bothers me. It’s probably why they do it. This was one of those occasions, where the toilet door was wide open and the linen door cracked just inside of it. Whatever, it’s not that big of a deal.

Stepping forward into the bathroom, past the dark crack between the wall and the other door… I froze. Out of the corner of my eye I saw… something. My startled brain tried to gather the pieces of the glimpse. It looked like a white face. Wide and bony, with dark pitted eye sockets and a Grinch-like grin. I saw it low to the ground, under where the door handle is located.

There I was staring at the back of the door, a creeping feeling making the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. There’s nothing there, right? I have an over active imagination, and often “see” things at a glance but this felt… different. My friends warned me about watching so many horror films. I chuckled nervously at my foolishness, but… I reached out and closed the door any way.

Back to business. I unzip and turn to the porcelain throne. Still, that feeling of static down my spine. It feels like I’m being watched. Damn it, I can’t pee like this. I turned to face the closet again. Door closed just like I left it. For a minute or two I just stay there. Watching the door.

“This is stupid,” the sound of my own voice startling in the tense air. “There is nothing there and you know it. It’s just not logical to be acting this way!” With the little pep talk snapping me out of my unfounded petrification, I do as I need and leave… but you know, closing the door after me.

I just don’t like them open, okay? Wash my hands at the separate sink and head back to my room, closing the final door to the gleaming white (and utterly harmless) room.

Seriously, whats wrong with me? I closed out the show I was watching and opened a new tab to a meme site, needing something funny to take my mind out of my current state of agitation. Everything’s fine for goodness sake!… wait… was that the bathroom door I just heard?

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Deathbylava avatar
6 years ago

Not SO bad, but needs more detail. Keep writing and improving!

6 years ago

this was okay. i do agree it needs more detail.. because of the lack of detail and the length of this story it wasn’t scary or creepy in the least.
i get that it was trying to be and the overall story was a good idea..
but more detail could have brought fear to me whereas i felt none.

7 years ago

really now i have another thing to be scared of besides every other creepypasta in this world >:( i still give this about 100000000000/10

Kookiegirl avatar
7 years ago

That ghost/intruder in the closet is a savage XD

7 years ago

i think the figure is his pet peeve

Eminems avatar
7 years ago

i think this pasta is very good! I loved it! I have the same fear of being alone, but i like being scared at the same time. Usually i’ll turn up loud music and write something (usually a creepy pasta) on the computer.
I do agree that it could use some more detail. Please don’t hate, i’m only trying to help the author for next time, Maybe draw out the ending with more feeling and devastation on the main character’s part.
I loved the story overall, very nice! Very tasty. I wish for you that your pastas keep getting better and better! 🙂

LazyLew avatar
7 years ago

I can relate to this XD

EPICsparklez59 avatar
7 years ago

That ghost is like “Oh, don’t worry, I won’t harm you physically, instead I’ll annoy the heck out of you.” XD 9/10

Oveja.Negra avatar
7 years ago

Ok so I have this fear like for real and I can’t stand open doors even the sliding doors of the closets I hate enclosed small places as well (which is contradicting I know) and this just pushed my fear over the edge.

8 years ago

Nice story, not enough detail in the shortness of the story. Could have been fleshed out more.

8 years ago

I liked this story overall, and it was definitely a creepy concept with the setting and the details about the character, but I think it could use a little more details. It feels like its missing something and it a little jagged in how its put together. Overall though, a good read and made me scared to go to the bathroom!

winter spring
winter spring
8 years ago

i think the author is trying to say that life is like a slice of bread and you must rate pasta’s that are somewhat creepy with breads so ill rate this pasta 6.5 out of 10 breads that’s enough breads to qualify as a meal if you add a side dish

KiKi1114 avatar
8 years ago

It’s a very good story. i like it. ^_^

8 years ago

needs more.

Slugeball avatar
9 years ago

To those confused, I think he was saying that [spoiler][/spoiler] the face he saw in the bathroom was real and not a figment of his imagination, as he first thought it was. This intruder… ghost… whatever it is was hiding there, opened the door when he left the bathroom, which bothered him because he knew that he closed the door. That related to the fear of being alone, and how he hates the doors being open for this reason.[spoiler][/spoiler]

9 years ago

i dont get it either

Morguethekiller avatar
9 years ago

There needs to be more details.

vishussvixen avatar
9 years ago

i can relate.

Scare avatar
9 years ago

The heck
Needs more

9 years ago

dont understand, help