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Gateway of the Mind

Gateway of the Mind

In 1983, a team of deeply pious scientists conducted a radical experiment in an undisclosed facility. The scientists had theorized that a human without access to any senses or ways to perceive stimuli would be able to perceive the presence of God. They believed that the five senses clouded our awareness of eternity, and without them, a human could actually establish contact with God by thought. An elderly man who claimed to have “nothing left to live for” was the only test subject to volunteer. To purge him of all his senses, the scientists performed a complex operation in which every sensory nerve connection to the brain was surgically severed. Although the test subject retained full muscular function, he could not see, hear, taste, smell, or feel. With no possible way to communicate with or even sense the outside world, he was alone with his thoughts.

Scientists monitored him as he spoke aloud about his state of mind in jumbled, slurred sentences that he couldn’t even hear. After four days, the man claimed to be hearing hushed, unintelligible voices in his head. Assuming it was an onset of psychosis, the scientists paid little attention to the man’s concerns.

Two days later, the man cried that he could hear his dead wife speaking with him, and even more, he could communicate back. The scientists were intrigued, but were not convinced until the subject started naming dead relatives of the scientists. He repeated personal information to the scientists that only their dead spouses and parents would have known. At this point, a sizable portion of scientists left the study.

After a week of conversing with the deceased through his thoughts, the subject became distressed, saying the voices were overwhelming. In every waking moment, his consciousness was bombarded by hundreds of voices that refused to leave him alone. He frequently threw himself against the wall, trying to elicit a pain response. He begged the scientists for sedatives, so he could escape the voices by sleeping. This tactic worked for three days, until he started having severe night terrors. The subject repeatedly said that he could see and hear the deceased in his dreams.

Only a day later, the subject began to scream and claw at his non-functional eyes, hoping to sense something in the physical world. The hysterical subject now said the voices of the dead were deafening and hostile, speaking of hell and the end of the world. At one point, he yelled “No heaven, no forgiveness” for five hours straight. He continually begged to be killed, but the scientists were convinced that he was close to establishing contact with God.

After another day, the subject could no longer form coherent sentences. Seemingly mad, he started to bite off chunks of flesh from his arm. The scientists rushed into the test chamber and restrained him to a table so he could not kill himself. After a few hours of being tied down, the subject halted his struggling and screaming. He stared blankly at the ceiling as teardrops silently streaked across his face. For two weeks, the subject had to be manually rehydrated due to the constant crying. Eventually, he turned his head and, despite his blindness, made focused eye contact with a scientist for the first time in the study. He whispered “I have spoken with God, and he has abandoned us” and his vital signs stopped. There was no apparent cause of death.

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15 days ago

i think it’s scarier when i watched it on YouTube here

Jacob avatar
3 months ago

This is amazing

LIMU EMU avatar
8 months ago

:0 very yummy pasta 11/10!

1 year ago

I also did a narration on my YouTube channel if you have time go check it out

ViolentViolet666 avatar
6 years ago

Nice. Please post more pastas like this, I would rather have a credited copy (or unknown source copy) than the drivel people have been trying to submit

fantae avatar
6 years ago

Great pasta! It kind of reminds me of the Russian sleep experiment though. This concept makes me think about psychics, maybe they have the capability of blocking out their senses while doing a reading. Overall I rate this a 5/5

MissSpookycat avatar
7 years ago

The old mans last sentence reminds me of “Abandoned by Disney” a lot

LyricSwine013 avatar
7 years ago

The touch of psycosis was nice

7 years ago

Amazing short story. Very intriguing read!

7 years ago

I liked it shortly and straight

BloodyBlanche avatar
7 years ago

One of my absolute favorite pastas!

TheMadGamer avatar
7 years ago

Great Pasta! Very tasty.

FlowerOfDarkness avatar
7 years ago

Omg, my friend told me this! She told it so good, it sounded way scarier. Great pasta. If anyone is interrested, there is another creepypasta about God and heaven on youtube. It’s called “Project Heaven”

7 years ago

this is…one of..
im just gonna stop and say its pure art
<3ed it!!

8 years ago

I blame this story right here for my Creepy Pasta addiction. Fucking love it <3

ashley_the_killer avatar
8 years ago

I personally liked this story alot. I am really curious about the cliffhanger thou I think it might be interesting if u could write a second part. I liked ur writing style to hopefully u write more.

8 years ago

This was incredibly good but some parts really make me question how the subject could endure all of this without just ripping himself apart

8 years ago

This was first posted in 2010. The movie “Martyrs” came out in 2008. “Copy” indeed.

8 years ago

This was originally shared in 2010. The movie “Martyrs” came out in 2008. Boo.

8 years ago

Looked up the experiment. My comp froze. D: 8/10