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Grubby the Taker

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Grubby the Taker

The following dialog was found written on a scrap of paper in the cell of a now missing John Doe.

“Some times things go missing, It happens to everyone. For my family it was more than just that. At first it didn’t seem like much. A few missing articles of clothing, my wife’s earrings and some silverware. Then it started to change and things weren’t just going missing anymore. Chairs would be moved to the opposite side of the room. items that didn’t belong to us would replace our missing objects.

It continued for weeks before stopping abruptly, and for some time it never occurred again… Until the day the dog went missing. We kept him inside and locked the doors at night after we let him out for a few minutes before bed. One day we woke up and he was just gone. No open or unlocked doors, and his kennel was unopened. We posted missing signs all over the neighborhood, thinking he had just run off. For months we never gave it much more thought then that.

That’s around that same time my daughter went missing. No open windows or doors, just like the dog, she was gone without a trace. We kept telling everyone we had no clue what happened to her… No one believed us.

I tried to stay strong, but my wife fell apart at the seams. Most days she didn’t even get out of bed. Weeks went by without word of our daughters whereabouts, I was beginning to fear the worst. We had been hearing about people going missing in the same manner as our daughter. It was all over the news and in the papers. I drew a conclusion that my daughter was connected with these vanishings… that’s when I started seeing him.

It was only ever glimpses through reflections. Mostly mirrors, but in glasses and reflective surfaces as well. When I told my wife, she called me crazy. She said that the loss of our daughter was hitting us both hard. She screamed and cried… She began blaming me.

One day we fought worse than we ever had before. The house was unkempt and the last thing I said to my wife before I stormed out the door was that I wished she was the one who had disappeared.

I came home later that day, and no matter how much I looked… my wife was nowhere to be found. Just like the dog, just like my daughter, no open windows and no open doors. Not a single trace to be found.

Before they locked me up I continued to catch glimpses of him behind me. So strange that I only ever caught them in reflections. When I would turn to face him, I would find I was alone. I simply thought I was going crazy… until he gave me his name. He didn’t speak it, I don’t think he talks or makes any noise at all. I awoke one morning in pain and found it scratched into my chest. Such an odd name… Grubby. How can a name like that bring so much fear to my entire being?

I showed the investigators my wounds when they took me in, but they just wrote it off as self mutilation. It’s like he wants to be known but only as a phantom. I still can’t shake the feeling that he is behind me. There are no reflective surfaces in my cell, so I can’t confirm it, but I know he’s there.

I am writing this in the dark. My cell is locked, there are no windows… and I think he’s going to take me.”

The police found this letter in an empty cell where a father had been held to await questioning on the disappearance of his wife and daughter. There were no signs of a struggle. The cell was locked tight and there was no possible escape without being let out by security. He was simply gone without a trace. Further investigation is pending on his, and his families, disappearance.

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mixcook avatar
6 years ago

John Doe/Jane Doe/ Baby Doe are most commonly used when authorities cannot identify a body because of lack of info on the body. If they are aware of his missing family and picked him up to arrest him then more than likely they knew who he was, especially if he had spoken with them previously regarding his daughter’s disappearance. John Doe makes it sound like he’s some drifter they found roaming around with no identification. It’s actually a little distracting.

MissSpookycat avatar
6 years ago

The ending was a bit disappointing, and kinda predictable. Also the pasta lacked the sauces (detail) and you seem to have forgotten the cheese (creepiness).

BaconBrony avatar
7 years ago

I have to agree with EPICsparklez59 on the John Doe thing. I mean, come on man, be a little creative here. John Doe is used in school when trying to show you how to sign up or when showing what a credit card looks like. I liked the story but just had to do a double facepalm when I saw the name ¨John Doe.¨

7 years ago


EPICsparklez59 avatar
7 years ago

Really? John Doe? That’s the example name when you sign up on most websites!!!!

creepypasta_jeff avatar
7 years ago

From start it was quite creepy but when I get to the ending I suggest you need to put more details to it. Great story though!

8 years ago

So, as I read I read with an open mind.

What I could tell, the “lack of detail” was seemingly intentional. More frightening than a light in the dark revealing a terror is a terror you cannot see, though it still looms.

Also, I managed contact with the creators and got a better image of who the “Taker” is supposed to be. He is a myth. A blurred phantom who many have encountered but none have proof of. That or they were taken themselves.

It’s simple and short, and I think that is what is best about it. The taker could literally just be a psychological self creation for excuse, but then… who took the man?

I could see this being a good short film and would certainly like more stories like it. Unexplained disappearances shall always be one of my favorites.

Also, no Creepypasta is actually scary. I am saying that as a bibliophile.

Mikasa avatar
8 years ago

Intriguing at first!
The ending was an eh.

wr8h avatar
8 years ago

Nice work there.keep up the good work

PinkCrow avatar
9 years ago

Define John Doe…
I’m sure that if he was locked up he is “known”…
Other than that, not to bad mate.

KatesGoneBad avatar
9 years ago

Ya, i was hoping for something a little more at the end, don’t u guys think?

XxCreepyHuskyxX avatar
9 years ago

The ending was quite disappointing. Not very loud and proud. A little more detail next time! 🙂
Happy writing

9 years ago

Awesome story! Gave me quite the chills… I guess I won’t be sleeping tonight 0-0′ ehehe…

I also did a reading if you’d like to check it out:

Happy sleep-deprivation! c:

Jeffunowho avatar
9 years ago

Hahahahah this story is nice creeped me out like I creeped my mom ojt when I killed who hahahahahaha good times

skullyturtle avatar
9 years ago

Yeah/ like cream said, it’s highly undetailed (an undercooked pasta XD). You should have described heavily what he saw in the mirrors standing behind him, and gone into detail about all of the disappearances…

Oouiere avatar
9 years ago

This story was okay not at all Creepy but a good story and leaves one with questions which is always a staple of the creapypasta diet but it lacks an aspect or atmosphere it doesn’t make you stomach turn or make you uneasy or even child but as i said a nice concept

Cream avatar
9 years ago

Caught my eye this pasta, its pretty nice, detailed good but not delicious, it lacks a more creepy ending, how the wife,dog and daughter got kidnapped not good detailed.. A undercooked pasta (it means it lacks of something) and a crash and burn (losing interest in the ending.) kind of makes me like, meh. Anyways keep up the work ^-^。