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Hidden Game

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Hidden Game

The feeling of a lingering presence during solitary moments…

Everybody gets that feeling. I’m sure you have too. What you probably haven’t done is try to explain its occurrence.

See, here’s the thing: I had this feeling a few nights ago when I was in my room trying to go to sleep. I laid down, curled, facing the wall which my bed is positioned next to. I slowly, but surely, felt something stand behind me, as everybody does at some point in their lives. It felt like it was lording over me and staring at me to no end.

The funny thing about the human psychology is that it absolutely HATES unknown things, which would be why we try come up with an explanation for seemingly enigmatic events. So, being the creative wizard that it is, my brain tried to associate this figure with a face. Unfortunately I was somewhat terrified so my brain, as any brain would, decided to combine the figure and the sense of fear together to give the figure a face that would warrant such fear.

The brain can’t create faces so it copies and pastes any face you’ve see from anywhere. But given this context, it’d usually the most nightmare-inducing face you’ve ever seen. Also, given the context, this horrifying figure would be standing right behind you.

Usually at this point rational thought would take over. You try to reason with yourself as to why your worst nightmare isn’t standing right behind you. It’d usually work, and at times where it didn’t you’d usually muster whatever courage you have and turn around to look behind you.

Well, at least it’s what I did and, as expected by both you and I, nothing was there.
This is usually followed up by reinforcing yourself with proofs as to why there couldn’t be anything behind you.

“I’ve never heard the door open” and “I never heard footsteps” are usually the common ones in this scenario. You’d laugh at yourself for being stupid and go to sleep.

This is the common thought pattern associated with the eerie feeling of being watched.
There’s probably a branch in psychology dedicated to this feeling, seeing as it’s ridiculously widespread. One thing that I can be certain about is that this feeling would always end due to what is known as ‘lex parsimoniae.’ This is better known as ‘Occam’s Razor’. It states that the simplest explanations are usually the best. And in situations such as my own we can usually create explanations that are wonderfully wrapped in a package of rationality and reason.

And that’s exactly what’ll get you killed.

Have you ever thought about why you get these feelings? Not many people do. The downside of Occam’s razor is that it blinds people from seeing another side to an event. To an average human being, for something to truly exist it would usually need to conform to the laws of nature. If someone right next to us decided to fly around we would almost definitely doubt our own sanity before we believe that this person is actually flying.

But what if the watcher conforms to no laws?

What if the reason I didn’t hear the figure was because it could fly or, at least, hover at will?
What if the reason I didn’t hear the door open was because the figure can move through objects at will?
What if the reason why I didn’t see the figure was because it can turn render itself imperceptible at will?

At this point you’d be asking yourself where the evidence for this figure’s existence is. But why would such a being – one that can defy ever law of nature at will – leave evidence? I mean, if it is trying to frighten me in some way, I see no reason for it to leave traces of itself so that we can conclude that it exists. Perhaps it was only there that night to acquire the description of the face that I fear most. And that what we normally recognize as ‘the feeling of being watched’ is simply a tool used by this figure to extract a facial design that we are terrified of. And what would it do with this?

Make it a reality.

By now you should’ve realized that there is absolutely no reason to deny this being’s existence. The only reason we would deny it is due the figure posing as a complex explanation to the feeling that someone is watching rather than a simple one.

I don’t know who you are or where you are. But I hope you understand that the next time you suddenly get the thought that someone, or something, is watching you just remember that you’re playing the Hidden Game. And there’s nothing you can ever do about it.

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funny how people are scared. it’s just the normal watcher no fear needed pretend you don’t sense them and they’ll leave.

unknowntemptation avatar
6 years ago

i’ll just stay up another night, it’s fine.

msandrea22 avatar
6 years ago

well who needs sleep anyhow? I can say for a fact that this read will keep me up at night. Very good read and total mindfuck. This is one of the best stories I have read so far!! Very well put together and thought out!

Omfi avatar
7 years ago

I will sue you because you took my sleep.

7 years ago

pretty good pasta .. and i had to read it just before i go to bed .. now i will never be able to close my eyes .. or my brain will start doing its magic

duruzu avatar
7 years ago

well-written, and very chilling. love it.

PinkSoul avatar
7 years ago

I liked how you could induce me in deep thoughts. Like we always wonder what is feels like , to be and to know behind the veil. Creepy pasta 5/5

7 years ago

You.. you know… I, who… what’s sleep man? Where’s sleepy?

7 years ago

I’m an insomniac anyway


I love the psycology in this story. It’s creepy and scientific and puts out some terrifying explanation

YukiProxy avatar
8 years ago


Itsmewilly avatar
8 years ago

Well developed story I loved it

Slave boat
Slave boat
8 years ago

[spoiler]I will put you on me if you’re black![/spoiler]

DarkPrinceOfPasta avatar
8 years ago

WOW! Nice story! It’s stories like these that send chills down my spine because I know that there’s nothing that I can do about it! Super Good! 10/10

KawaiiNightmare13 avatar
8 years ago

Haha I would love if this happened. My nickname at school became the watcher after I showed my friends this. (You’d only understand why if you knew me…) Anyway AMAZING STORY I LOVED IT!!

TheVoicesAreMyFriends avatar

Well….there goes my hopes of sleeping after three days Dx

TheSpoopyPanda avatar
8 years ago

I love reading things like these because it gives you something to think about and it gives you the realistic feel that all this could actually happen

geardeath avatar
8 years ago

Meh I mean does it really matter if it creepily watches me?

Th3Fall3nAng3l5 avatar
8 years ago


WingerB17 avatar
8 years ago

You got the blood to start pumping in my ears. I thought they were footsteps in my hallway. 10/10