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Knock Knock

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Knock Knock

The digital clock read 3:15 am. I was lying awake, restless, in my bed. There was nothing I disliked more than a long, dreary, and silent night. I sighed, recalling that the nights prior to this one shared a common dullness. I adjusted the sheets in an attempt to cover my exposed feet from the biting cold that the night brought with it. Everything was pretty mundane, until I heard a knock in my room.

“Knock, knock”. I turned over to face the window, opposite to the door. Nothing. “Knock, knock”, it sounded again. It came from the door. Without thinking, I said, “Go back to bed Johnny, there are no monsters in your room”. I sighed, due to the fact that my younger brother was subject to nightmares.

“Knock, knock”. At this point, I began to grow infuriated with Johnny’s antics. I got up from bed, and sauntered towards Johnny’s rooms with gritted teeth. It sounds harsh, but for goodness’ sake, it was well past 3:00 in the morning and I was trying to get some sleep. I approached his door and pushed it open with a slight creek coming from its hinges. I peeked in the resulting crack, only to find, to my surprise, Johnny still sleeping.

“It can’t be”, I thought to myself, “If it’s not him then who could be knocking on my door”? Getting a little scared, I walked back to my room and dragged myself back into bed. I gave the concept some more thought but tiredness took over. As I began to nod off, I heard a rapping on the door, “Knock knock”. At this point, I broke out into a cold sweat and began to think, “What was it that Johnny was so scared of? Monsters”?. It couldn’t be, there are no such thing as monsters. “Knock, knock”, the door sounded. This round of knocking was more intense then the rounds before. As the rounds of knocking continued, growing more intense, I hurled up into a ball. I shut my eyes, waiting for the dreaded knocking to cease.

“Knock, knock”. I was at the verge of tears, praying to whatever was out there to stop the knocking. The knocks grew more consistent, like a heartbeat, like MY heartbeat. The knocking stopped with the onset of this realization. My heart almost gave out in the suspense. “There is no such things as monsters”, I kept repeating to myself. I tried to psyche myself up to look at the door, but my body wouldn’t listen. After five, painfully silent minutes, I slowly brought my head to face the door.

I forced my eyelids open, only to be greeted by a demonic smile with jagged teeth and bloodshot eyes. My heart stopped because at that moment, I realized the knocking wasn’t coming from the outside but rather, from inside my very own room.

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arez_12 avatar
5 years ago

wow nice job pretty creepy

BloodyBlanche avatar
7 years ago


7 years ago

just…just horrifying to be honest..
Gave me the CHILLZzz

ShadowWalker7 avatar
7 years ago

Nice nice. pretty creepy story

8 years ago

She heard a rapping at her door. What the fuck was Dr Dre doing in her room? I can only assume that he had just come Straight outta Compton.

SlashingShadows13 avatar
8 years ago

You mean… THIS smile?


8 years ago

3:15 how original -note sarcasm…. But yeah it was quite good 4/5

9 years ago

Just WHAT is wrong with those authors?
“I saw a monsters face, didn’t think anything of it, suddenly i imagine, what if the monster is inside my room?
WTF??? GIRL! You just SAW the monster 5 seconds ago. Yes, it CLEARLY is in your room, where is the suspense? Where is the mystery?
Sorry, but this story is just plain stupid. The girl stands RIGHT INFRONT of a monster, and thinks that it’s behind the door… Is she supposed to be mentally disabled?
How stupid do you have to be, to not understand, that when something is right infront of you, then IT IS RIGHT INFRONT OF YOU AND NOT BEHIND A DOOR!?
Makes my head hurt how bad this story is…
“Oh, there is a creepy zombie smile…. i wonder what’s for dinner… oh noes? what if the face that i JUST SAW, is actually not behind a wall?
NO S***…. OF COURSE it’s inside your room, how else would you see it?
I can’t get over this… this is one of the worst pastas i have ever read, it just makes NO sense at all.
At least the story seems realistic. A girl that is too stupid to tell if a monster is VISIBLY NEXT TO HER, or behind a door, is easily fooled by her brother, who just gets revenge on her for making fun of his nightmares…

Dizzy avatar
9 years ago

10/10 indeed …this is about the scariest ever!!!

BloodyEnglish avatar
9 years ago

So good!! Nice and creepy.

Kat003 avatar
9 years ago

Great now i’m not gonna be able to sleep -.-

CarlRogers avatar
9 years ago

Meh, build-up was alright but the ending was kind of disappointing and left me wanting to know more. 4/5

9 years ago

It’s okay 3/5

MaleSirenGamer avatar
9 years ago

I love this story it sent shivers down my spine! But lol who was rapping outside?

BlackTears avatar
9 years ago

Wawwww. I love it creepy.

9 years ago

wow that’s creepy considering I sleep in a basement!

9 years ago

Is she gonna die because I hope she does

looper_dustie avatar
9 years ago

I have read this story twice and i love it.

DeathDealer001 avatar
9 years ago

That was very interesting

XxCreepyHuskyxX avatar
9 years ago

Written very well. The ending was kind of expected but I liked it. More detail would be nice!