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Sugar-Coated Death

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Sugar-Coated Death

It was a dark, and stormy night when I write this journal, stating the horrific things I have experience just the other day..

It was a bright and sunny day here in Abnormalville, the birds were singing, there were cute little squirrels sitting outside my window staring me right in the eyes, unblinkingly. It was a beautiful day, all in all. I think to myself: “Today would be a great day for some ice cream.”, so I toss on some socks and shoes, grab some cash lying in a random pile on my desk and head out. The day is even more beautiful than I initially thought, I knew at this point, that something was not right. I arrived at the local grocery store Scaryway, and went directly to the ice cream isle; I nearly got lost, it being such a large store. When I finally arrived in the ice cream isle, coincidentally located directly to the left of where I came in, I was surprised to find that they were completely sold out; and I don’t mean they were sold out of the flavor I wanted, I mean they were completely sold out of ice cream, they did not even have any of those buckets, or cheap pop-sickles- they were, completely, out.

Fortunately for me, or rather, unfortunately for me; a creepy old man, with a pocketmon cap asked me: “Hey mang, you want some ice cream? I got some gud ice cream right ere’ fer yah'” I kid you not, he seriously talked like this. I told the man, “Yes actually, I came all the way down to this establishment to procure some frozen deserts; but alas, their supplies are depleted. Curse my damnable luck!” he then reaches deep into his moldy, old, rusted, spiked, evil looking, slightly smelly, grocery cart. He proceeds to pull out an old box of Sugar-Coated-Chocolate-Explosion-Combo-Breaker ice cream, and hands me it, “Here mang, you can have this- free of charge.” he then scurries away into the dark corners of the store before I even had the chance to thank him.

I head back home, I somewhat regretted not getting a bag at the time; but all was well enough. At home, I open the ice cream; there was an eerie green glow, and occasional stripes of what looked to be blood appear then disappear; but besides that it seemed like perfectly normal ice-cream.. I was never so wrong.

It started innocent enough, voices coming from the ice cream saying: “KILL KILL KILL”, but it got worse, and worse the more I ate. I occasionally seen disembodied hands coming out of the ice cream and flying around the kitchen, and even worse was the brain freezes, oh the brain freezes.. I shrugged off all the unusual events as just pure happenstance, and continued to eat the ice cream; when suddenly I heard a knock at the door..

I of course go over and open the door without asking: “Who is it?”, and to my horror- there stood a 4 foot 5 scrawny man, with a nametag that read: “Eugene”. He wore what appeared to be an ice cream man outfit, and was holding an ice cream scooper in his left hand. I was horrified, I slammed the door and ran into the kitchen, grabbed the ice cream, ran into the nearest closet and dialed 555-9-1-1 on my yphone; but all I heard on the other side was the ring of an ice cream truck.

I hang up the phone, but the music keeps playing- and suddenly the actual turkey in the straw lyrics started being heard throughout my house! I ran out into the foyer, and to my surprise- the 4 foot 5 scrawny ice cream man with the ice cream scoop was standing in the center of the room! His ice cream scooper dripping chocolate as he stared at me, with his dead eyes- a dolls eyes.. I then realized that it was just my ice cream man doll in the foyer, I go over to pick it up then see a floating apparition of the 4 ft 5 scrawny ice cream man! He flies over to me and I make a mad dash for the front door- to find the door-nob uncomfortably cold! I duck down as he flies over me and through the front door. I then run up the stairs, nearly dropping the ice cream.

At the top of the stairs I stop and catch my breath, looking back I see the ghostly ice cream man flying back and forth making “OOoooOOOOoooo!” sounds, I yell to him: “What do you want from me?!” he says back: “OOOOOOOOOOooooOOOOOOO!”, I grab a nearby potted plant and break it over the handle-rail and point the broken side towards him and say: “Spooky ghost, leave this place!” he replies: “OOOOOOOOoOOOOOOOoooOOOO” and makes some chain rattling noises. I drop the broken plant and run into the second floor bathroom and lock the door- I hear banging coming from the other side, but I hold it shut. “Open up, I really gotta go!” comes a voice from the other side of the door, this time I remember to say: “Who is it?” and the voice replies: “The ice cream man ghost.”, due to my clever thinking I realize I should not open the door for him.

And so there I was, stuck in the bathroom with a ghost banging on the door, infact I’ve been locked in this bathroom all night and the ghost is still out there, yeesh why won’t he give it a rest already! It seems the ice cream has not yet melted, but there is music coming from it as well. I don’t know what to do, if I go out there; I’m dead, if I stay in here, I’m probably dead- but wait, the window- yes of course I can just climb out the window! But I’m on the second floor, and if I fall from here that would be sudden death for me; I’m going to risk it, if anyone finds me dead with a journal outside my house they’ll know what happened- alright, here goes..

I found this journal on some dead guy, It had some crazy stuff written in it, but I figure I may as well make it my personal journal; he had some ice cream too, really good stuff at that. Hey, I hear a knock at my door, I wonder who would possibly be vising at this time of night.

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3 years ago

AIGHT, so the ending was pretty gucci, but its just- dont mix humour into a creepypasta story- and the fact it got accepted- im not joking- i want it removed- seriously- i want it GONE, i mean- we could petition to have it removed..? Anyways fairwell 0/5

6 years ago

Maybe you could add more to it. It seems like something is missing

6 years ago

Omg wtf was that story, it was so dumb. My 5 year old brother thought it was dumb, the kid thinks he’s a dinosaur in a kids body.

Emoness_Lolz avatar
7 years ago

Despite what everyone else says I think this Creepypasta is 10/10 quality

thedemonIx avatar
7 years ago

I came here for the creepypasta platter… Not the silly soufle’…. I want to speak with your manager please.

BloodyBlanche avatar
7 years ago

That was absolutely painful to read. How did this even make it past the review stage?

ImInsane avatar
7 years ago

This shit is lit lmao

GrimmBullet avatar
7 years ago

It’s a miracle this was ever accepted. Even more astonishing are the ones who find it amusing.

mummifried_rice avatar
7 years ago

Hahahahahahaha best pasta ever…lol indeed

8 years ago

OOOhhhhhhhhOooo that was bad!

TheMadGamer avatar
8 years ago

I want some ice cream now.

8 years ago

This was literally the most retarded piece of literature I’ve ever read in the history of my life and i thought twilight was bad sorry bro but its true

danij avatar
8 years ago

1/5.. if I could give a half star I would.

geardeath avatar
8 years ago

Super Duper Pooper Scooper

Melvinthesecond avatar
8 years ago


millieredbird avatar
8 years ago

I read the first few things and couldn’t continue – mixing oast tense and present is not cool – plus, the sentance structure, grammer and lack of adjectives was just off putting.

0/10. Really sorry.

8 years ago


I now have a fear of ice cream dammit >XD

Mikasa avatar
9 years ago

I couldn’t even finish reading this. Ridiculous..

ThePlagueDoctor avatar
9 years ago

ehr meh gurd!!! not teh craze ice crem ghorst!!!