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Insanity Room

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Insanity Room

This Creepypasta is based off of the quietest room in the world. It is supposedly -9 decibels and it is so quite that you can hear your blood in your veins and your heart beat. It has only been sustained for 45 minutes at the most. It causes minor insanity and hallucinations.


The first thing that registers is the cold floor beneath my back. My eyes slowly flutter open as I try to recall exactly what happened. Nothing sparks immediately. I don’t even remember going home. How long have I been unconscious?

I slowly sit up, my back is sore and the crick in my neck registers. When it pops back into place, the sounds nearly splits my eardrums open. The hell? I try popping my back into place and another ear splitting sound erupts through the room, like someone shot a 12-gauge shotgun next to me. I grasp my ears and fall back to the floor.

When the ringing in my ear stops, I look around. There’s no door, but the walls are oddly shaped. Like shingles on a roof going left, right; up and down. But what’s really odd about the room, is the silence. When I actually hold still, there is not a sound. No, not exactly. There’s a swooshing sound, like when you “hear the ocean” in a seashell. And then there’s a constant thumping sound. Like someone is softly beating on a drum. It’s a little…unnerving. Where the hell am I? I exhale and it sounds like a hurricane hit the room.

I gasp and and plug my ears. Why is everything so loud? I notice a tray of food in the corner and am grateful for it. I hadn’t realized how hungry I was. As I get up and walk towards it, my footfalls sound like bombs. I fall to my knees, and grab my head, a headache starting to bloom. I crawl as softly as I can to the tray. I see a bowl of soup and some bread with a cup of water. There’s something written on the napkin.

I pick it up and read it:

“Welcome to Insanity.”

It names insanity as if it is a place. I drop it onto the tray and hear every little breeze down. I quickly help myself to the food, trying my best to ignore the every little thing I hear. As I eat, I hear myself chewing and swallowing. I even swear I hear the food hit my stomach. The beating and swooshing hasn’t stopped either. I rub my eyes in frustration.

This room may just drive me to…well, insanity! When I open my eyes I look at my hands. They’re covered in blood. I start to panic. What the hell happened? Oh god, oh god, oh god…I grab the napkin and try to rub the blood off. When the napkin presses to my skin, more blood pours from it. I scream, ignoring the ear splitting sound it makes. I wipe and wipe at the red stains, but it doesn’t come off.

Then, as if it we’re never there, the blood is gone. The napkin is just fine, but the note still haunts me. “Welcome to Insanity…”

I am instantly tired and I lay down. My head hurts and I give myself time to truly be scared. How the hell did I get here? I can’t remember what happened yesterday or where ever I was when I was taken.

I can’t sleep because of the constant swooshing and thrumming though. It only increases my headache. I lay awake, but keep my eyes closed. It helps a little when I’m not open enough to hallucinate. But, the constant silence; being able to hear my blood rushing through my veins, and my heart beating…it’s enough to drive you mad.

My eyes fly open and I look around. There’s got to be a damn way out of here! I couldn’t have just materialized here! My kidnappers would have had to have put me in here! I stand and begin to beat the walls until my knuckles are bloody, each hit sounding like a gunshot in my ear.

I scream in frustration and grab my head at the sudden pain through my head. I fall to my knees and bury my face in my hands. Oh god…I need to get out! As I rise to punch the wall again, I black out.

I wake again and the same silence haunts the room, with only my blood and heart to comfort me. Another tray of food sits in the same corner. I quickly retrieve it. There’s the same food as yesterday. Bread, soup, and water. The napkin holds yet another note:

“Welcome to Insane.”

Insane? Surely they meant Insanity. Who ever “they” is. I quickly eat my…what is it? Breakfast, lunch, dinner? I quickly eat my food. I find myself humming. It’s soothing in the silence and doesn’t hurt my ears. It’s not any song in particular, just different notes to make a sweet melody to ease my mind. The silence is peaceful now. The beat of my heart is calming. When I open my eyes, I see the empty tray of food.

On it rests a knife that I had never noticed. It seems out of place. The food I was provided would have given of no use to a steak knife. But I take it anyway. As I grab it a faint tickling sensation runs up my arms. As I look at my arms spiders begin to crawl up them. I drop the knife and swat at them. They continue to crawl and tear my shirtsleeves away. I scream and the noise pounds through my ears painfully. The spiders begin to crawl into my eyes, mouth, and ears. My screams become gurgled as the spiders fill my throat. I claw at my face, then suddenly, the spiders are gone.

The spiders are replaced with a stinging sensation, and as I look at my body, I see lacerations decorating every inch of my body. I’m also still holding the knife. I sit in a forming pool of my own blood. Every time I move my body hurts and stings.

Yet, the blood is fascinating. Ignoring the pain, I dip my fingers into my warm lifeblood and taste it. Like iron and salt. I take more and draw pictures on the ground. A sun; the number 45. Pretty.

I stand and take the knife with me. I’ll need more blood when this dries. I draw letters and symbols as the colors begin to talk to me. Yellow is mean. He makes fun of my drawings. Red is the only one that likes me. The others are stuck up they don’t appreciate anything I do.

Silence…sile…nce. Silence is good…nice.

They took my knife. Have to cut with fingernails.

Yellow was eaten by green. Blue went missing. Red talks to me. He’s nice.

45…45…45 what? Cuts. Pretty picture of a flower. 45 minutes of Insanity. They told me.

Pretty poem. Killed a man. Needed money. Sorry…sorry…

You don’t know me.
I don’t know you.
What happened to me is true.
Be a good person,
or else you, too,
will experience the wonders of Insanity Room.

Huh…that’s the tune I was humming. Pretty poem…pretty blood…pretty…

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TheMonsterInYourCloset avatar

This story could use a more scary plotline

6 years ago


you are a complete idiot. i realize this was years ago but reading your stupid comment was embarrassing to know you exist.. hopefully you’ve grown since then and can understand how a fictional story is supposed to work.. or how to read since you apparently missed a lot of the story..

@ the author… F***.YES.

creepypasta_jeff avatar
7 years ago

This story is so awesome. Edgar Allan Poe will be so proud of you. I rate this 10/10. I suggest you create a Part 2 of this story.

8 years ago

It’s not a room… It’s a cave. The recreation wasn’t of the same quality. You need 24 hours inside the black cave. If you get out of it, the reward is… The only thing inside is Darkness, you can’t even hear your thoughts… Or peraphs in absolute silence, you lose your senses.

Fallen_Flyer avatar
8 years ago

Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! Its a great idea, made even better by your fantastic writing skills. Keep up the awesome work!

Ticci-toby1210 avatar
8 years ago

G-Great I-I like it…..

eyelessjack3221 avatar
8 years ago

This was amazing! Keep up the great work. I loved how it was based off a real room.

EvilMarshmallow avatar
8 years ago

@HotHatCat there is really a room like this, and there is NO reason for you to be so bitchy about someone elses hard work, if you are only on this site to be mean to others, you shouldn’t be reading here at all! This world is already fucked up enough because of people being over judgemental and bringing others down, no one needs more negativity in this world so shut up and keep your negativity to yourself!

xXSkylarXx avatar
8 years ago


NoFace avatar
8 years ago

I really enjoyed this pasta! Left me wanting more

8 years ago

Do a little research before you jump down someone throat next time. Sensory deprivation does cause hallucinations. On top of that, it’s a work of fiction. Quit being a bully.

TheGodElement avatar
9 years ago

This is even better in the fact that a such place actually exists!

9 years ago


BlackHeart avatar
9 years ago

I like the creativity that went into this story it is a really cute and funny story!!!Thank you!!!

mrcreepy avatar
9 years ago

pure fucking art keep up this epic work dude

BallsDeep69 avatar
9 years ago

I thought the best part of this story is that the room is real

9 years ago

“There is a room, that is so quiet, that you go insane!”
You know that there are soundproof chambers ALL over the world, and people that use them, don’t go insane…
If you can hear your pulse when it’s silent, go and visit a doctor. There is something wrong with you.
Not a creepy pasta, but apparently someone whining about his medical problems.
Hearing your heart is NOT creepy, it’s freaking SAD…
The only creepy thing here is how bad the author is.
Almost as bad as those stories about computers, where people go “And then i installed the disk into the cdvd drive, and updowned all the internets to my usb!”
It SO obvious that those authors never even saw a PC…
So what is wrong with this author? Never saw a human before? Never used your ears? Just “You go into a room and suddenly you hear your heart?”… Really?

HaydenB. avatar
9 years ago

Wow… Awesome Creepy pasta! I have a question, was the room Maroon or some type of Silver?

nirvana_junkie avatar
9 years ago

I like the setting and awesome detail. Write a continuation! 🙂

RIPJaneTheKiller avatar
9 years ago

Freaky, cool detailing. I would like to be stuck in one of those rooms…. The poem is the best.