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The Voice

The Voice

If you ever are in an area of absolute quiet, still your breathing and move not a muscle. After a few seconds, you will notice that the silence has a sort of “sound” of its own, a kind of empty ringing tone. This is nothing unique; everyone will hear this, given the proper setting. An informed person will tell you that your brain is trying to interpret the lack of stimuli to your hearing and so creates a bit of a filler sound. This ringing sound actually serves a more arcane purpose, covering up a noise we are not meant to hear. This noise is not impossible to hear, and if you are persistent you can effectively “break” the cover-up sound.

The next time you are silent and hear the ringing, shout at the top of your lungs for about half a minute, then be abruptly silent. It will be different for everyone. Some will hear nothing different for dozens of tries. Others might pick up soft murmuring. A special few auditory heroes might clearly make it out on the first attempt. What you will hear is a voice that relays an account of events about to happen in the immediate future. It’s like a sportscaster relaying the events occurring ten seconds into the future.

As time goes on, you will be able to make out this voice under increasingly noisy circumstances, to the point that it can be heard at any time by just concentrating. Such ability would doubtlessly be invaluable, no? You will be able react to any immediate danger, relate to people around you with greater ease. No one would ever surprise you. Now, of course you are wondering what sort of horrible catch this ability entails. Perhaps the tone of the voice is so horrible that it will drive you mad, or maybe the voice will only predict your death over and over again.

Of course this isn’t the case, though, it’s a normal voice, your ears receive it no matter what, and it’s simply a matter of noticing. But there is a danger. For you see, where there is a voice, there is a body. And just like you will notice new sounds, so shall you notice new sights. More importantly, you will be noticed.

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bts fan
bts fan
3 years ago

*turns music up*

ascherer316 avatar
4 years ago

seems a bit incomplete… i want to know what happens next. where is the body to go with the voice? would you scream in front of family and friends randomly? is it your voice, or someone you know’s voice?

CommanderMeouch avatar
6 years ago

I really liked this, and I totally want to try it. But I don’t think my boss will appreciate me screaming at the top of my lungs sooo, it’ll have to wait. 10 outta 10 though!

bruh13 avatar
7 years ago

oh so that’s wut i heard when I was home alone. this makes perfect sense

7 years ago

It worked. It said my mom would come in, shout at me to do homework, and then slam the door! But in all seriousness good job. Keep writing!

Noori Thompson
Noori Thompson
7 years ago

But who are the voices’ bodies? And who will notice you? And what will happen when you get noticed?

ThatRandomGuy avatar
7 years ago

these seem common…. ive seen to many for the creep factor

GrimmBullet avatar
7 years ago

Typically with a tiny story it’s either good or bad. No in-between. But this was excellent.

Crystal07 avatar
7 years ago

I LOVED this pasta. It was really really creepily delicious. I want to try it but I’m too scared to try it so obviously, I won’t.

7 years ago

Tasty pasta appetizer, would love to try the entree!

KiwibuddyMC avatar
8 years ago

I like to read through the comments before I post my own. And for my comment, This is AMAZING. The fact that so many people tried it, that it WORKED, and that it is perfectly belivable is just perfect. Sometimes people write off short pastas as either lazy or without enough content. I think with the right talent, shorter pastas are much more real and engaging than longer ones I have to slog through. Its the best one I’ve seen so far, even the grammer is perfect. 10/10. (and I don’t give full stars lightly)

8 years ago


TheMadGamer avatar
8 years ago

Holy Hell! It said that my computer would crash and Gosh Dabblit, it did!

Slices avatar
8 years ago

This legit makes me wanna try WELL DONE

Muda avatar
8 years ago

it taked my soul away

michaela0144 avatar
8 years ago

COOL. i need to try this.
but i don’t get the creepiness…

creepyboy avatar
9 years ago

Loved it but needs a few tweeks 9/10

Kellie_78 avatar
9 years ago

This is so believable that I am not, or rather can not try it. I can’t scream due to an injury

123spongebobplushie321 avatar

10/10 what an amazing creepypasta

imfine avatar
9 years ago

A classic, this. Bravo.