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Sister’s Sinister Shower

Sister’s Sinister Shower

She was beautiful. She had a great face, great body, and her hair, goodness gracious, her hair! It was so silky, long, and so absolutely perfect. The entire school knew this. She knew it. Her younger sister did, too.

“I must be a good younger sister,” she would tell herself. But even then, she would occasionally startle herself with some of the especially ill thoughts towards her older sister. It isn’t that she didn’t love her. In fact, her hatred towards her is made that much more ferocious because of her love for her. Soon, though, her mounting jealously would reach a critical mass. They would fight, just as they have done countless times before. They would fight and screech and throw and break until both are emotionally drained. She would apologize first, just as always, and they would make up and, after so much time, repeat this sad cycle. This time, however, they will not fight. This time, as the cancer in her heart was just about ready to burst, she met him.

She was smitten. She must have him, but how? Her sister would have no trouble- that’s it. She knew exactly what she needed to do. She decided that she would grow her hair and take care of it, just as her older sister would. She would make herself beautiful for him and she would win him and finally get some peace of mind after living all these years in the shadow of her ever-so-perfect older sister. Summer break arrived and she stopped cutting her hair. Every day she took painstaking care of it. She would lather a series of expensive, mineral rich shampoos into her scalp, making semi-circular motions with her hands. She would then slowly move down and wash the entire length, all the way to the tips. Every day, it grew a little bit longer. When the Summer finally gave way to Fall, Her hair was long, silky, and startlingly beautiful, radiant even. It was as beautiful, if not more so, than her older sister’s.

School started and she was anxious. “Surely, after everything I’ve done, he will notice me and fall for me in a heartbeat.” The wind was blowing through her hair and the boys were already murmuring. “She … changed! Look at her! Gorgeous!” She pretended to be bashful, looking to the side as the mob of boys made their way towards her. She was about to try and get her crush’s attention when he gently nudged her out of the way and made a beeline for her older sister standing a couple of meters behind her. She had spent the entire Summer slaving over her hair and her sister took the spotlight yet again because sister, the pretty and perfect sister, had to get a pair of fucking glasses.

They have been dating for two weeks now. She has been brooding for two weeks now. This isn’t right, no, no, no, no, not by a long shot. This just won’t do at all. All these years, all that greedy bitch does is take and take and take like the voracious pig-spawn she is. What gives her the right? No, this just will not do at all. This time, she will not take. She will give. She will give me her place in the spotlight. She will give me the boy. She will give me all her stupid pretty clothes. She will give me everything. I’ll kill her. I’ll fucking kill her and when my love- my love, for fuck’s sake, not hers- shows up at the funeral and sees me grieving because my sister committed suicide, then he will comfort me. And then he will love me. And she will be dead, cold and dead, and long gone to a place where only the worms will marvel at her fucking hair before it falls out of her head and shrivels into dust.

Sister, help me study for final exams. Sister, come up to the roof of the school and let’s clear our heads. Sister, why don’t we climb over the fence and sit on the ledge? I love you. Give me a hug, sister. Oh, how I love you. Oh, how the whole world loves you. You landed face up. One of the lens popped out of your glasses. Both of your legs are snapped back at the knees, and it looks kind of like a “W.” And still, you are so beautiful. Even now, you are an angel, and the blood pooling around your head is your halo. Good bye, sister, it is my turn to be happy now.

She is so beautiful. She has a great face, great body, and her hair, goodness gracious, her hair! It is so silky, long, and so absolutely perfect! Did you hear about her sister? I heard she killed herself out of jealousy. I heard she was bitter about her beautiful younger sister and threw herself from the roof of the school. How selfish! How stuck up! An older sister should know better.

She’s been dating him for about a year now. She’s also been lauded the prettiest girl in the whole school for about a year now. In the public light, she fits her role like a glove, and she loves every second of it. She never felt guilt. She was too busy feeling entitled to everything she got to feel guilty. She was a child who had yet to lose interest in a shiny new toy. In many ways, this was the happiest year of her life. However, she started to gradually hate showering more and more, and it only got worse every passing day. She still took a great deal of time and effort in order to maintain her hair, but every minute she spent in the shower, she felt nervous. She felt jittery. It only got worse when she had to close her eyes to rub that expensive shampoo into her hair.

It has been just about a year now and she decided that enough is enough. Why does she need to waste so many hours of her life making her hair perfect? Why does she have to put herself through this anxiety? The reason for her growing her hair out in the first place is probably hairless- if not fleshless- by now, so to hell with it. “You are fucking dead, cold and dead,” she spat. She reached for the kitchen knife and sliced her hair so that it fell just above her shoulders. She felt like a great weight had been lifted from her back. What a relief! For the first time in what felt like ages, she had a panic-free day. She went shopping, had coffee with her boyfriend, and then headed home for a nice, relaxing shower.

She closed her eyes and lathered her hair, rubbing her fingers deep into her scalp. She sighed with relief and slowly, making semi circular motions with each hand, moved down the back of her head. Soon, she was, just like old times, washing the hair that went past her shoulder blades, and just like old times, feeling that dreadful panic spring into her heart. She had cut her hair, she was sure of it. She threw that horrible, frightful, and beautifully silky hair into the trash bin that was taken out and emptied in the morning. Yet, here she was, washing her hair in spite of her growing sense of dread building up in the pit of her stomach. She was shaking hard and felt cold in spite of the warm water. She felt oh-so-cold as if all the blood was flowing out of the back of her head.

Slowly, she looked up.

Her legs were snapped back at the knees and looked kind of like a “W.” No blood pooled around her head, though. It just dripped. It dripped and dripped and plinked and plonked onto little sister’s forehead while she lathered and lathered and lathered her dead sister’s beautiful hair.

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5 years ago

hi autum

5 years ago

hi mona

BlackCat27 avatar
6 years ago

I understand the ending, very well written!

6 years ago

i liked this a lot.
its almost like a story you would read in elementary.. it reminded me of ‘scary stories to tell in the dark’ .. i can’t tell exactly what happened in the end.. but it seems that [spoiler] when she killed her sister, she started using her sisters head blood to wash her hair so that her hair would be like her sisters.. but it almost seems like her obsession was so much that she stopped being able to see anyhting but the goal — which was to be like her sister.. so she would gt sick cuz she knew something was wrong when she was using her hair.. but the trauma of killing her sister has made her unable to see what she’s actually doing [/spoiler] the end is hard though because it seems to transition in character POV and it gts a little confusing because of that..

if i am right in assuming this meaning — the reason it reminds me of a child story (even though i love the story — thats not sayhing anything against it ) is because it’s not realisti c.. the parents would be like.. wtf is up with bloodhead over here..

but its amazing its so good i loved it so much 37/10

OcelotRyuu avatar
7 years ago

Anyone else think sociopath14, Schizophratic, and Themusicalpsycho are the same person? But about this story though… It has a decent plot (provided you can follow all that confusion with pronouns) but its lacking something… Your characters (you didn’t even bother giving them names) feel fake, almost like they’re being described in a campfire story created by a little kid. They don’t even have any physical features described beyond hair and glasses. I for one preferred a little more detail in stories I read. Even something as simple as a name or a vague description of her crush (since she was obsessed with him after all) would have made this story much better. You have some promise though, keep writing and you’ll get better.

LiverEater82 avatar
7 years ago

Mmmmmmmm… tasty

JustAvoid avatar
8 years ago

Well, I’m never showering again! O)_(O

Auxerspace avatar
8 years ago

what in…i dont even…what the hell happned at the end???

ShadowSlasher13 avatar
8 years ago

Misery Business…

Brxhslay avatar
8 years ago

I liked it.. but honestly the end doesn’t make much sense.

ArielLowe avatar
8 years ago

What the hell just happened…? Does anyone know?

8 years ago

I wss so fuckin confused at the end

vishussvixen avatar
9 years ago

you could interpret the end in one of two ways: the little sister is insane( from repressed guilt and grief) OR vengeful ghost (the truly creepy possibility). OR hell, both. either way, it is complicated and i for one appreciate the ending being open to interpretation and imagination. the more possibilities, the better.

XxCreepyHuskyxX avatar
9 years ago

I felt very confused by the end. Although, throughout the pasta, I could feel the hatred and jealousy. The ending did lose me, you switched the perspective between the two sisters and it was quite confusing. Good until that point!

9 years ago

There were a lot of little sisters, her older sister probably did the same things,
This is a never ending cycle

10 years ago

I am now scarred of my sister and to all of you confused people (and creatures) this is a story of madness it is not saposed to make since there fore adding to the creepyness. But I understand perfectly … Yha cute but phsyco! ^•^

10 years ago

Wait, I think she had a younger sister who was jealous

10 years ago

Is this a horror story, or a hair blog?

Toxxiclullaby avatar
10 years ago

Well, im not sure how the older sister got there, but she was just above her head as she was showering. The younger sister still had short hair, but the older sisters hair was hung just where her hair should be. She was litteraly washing her older sisters hair. It might be the fact that she has gone insane, and her sister and the hair isnt really there. Anyway, its a very tasty pasta, although the ending could use some clarifying.

10 years ago

What the hell just happened??? The ending lost me…..