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James had just moved to upstate New York and he knew no one except for a few flaky work associates. One night during a January blizzard, he heard a faint “meow” emanating from the nearby alleyway adjacent his apartment. He ventured into the snowstorm and found a half frozen, gaunt kitten in the alley next to his apartment.

In the preceding months he nurtured the cat back to health and soon the cat was forever in his debt loving him dearly and always beside him. She was sitting on his lap, sitting nearby or watching him and analyzing his every move. She loved to be pet and relished the opportunity. James named her Siggie, after the famous psychologist Sigmund Freud.

One morning while finishing his breakfast, a bird slammed into his apartment window instantly breaking its neck and falling to the ground below. It startled him momentarily but he thought little of it and on his way to work simply dropped the bird into a nearby garbage can in the alley.

After an arduous day at work, James rushed home looking forward to a relaxing evening. He glanced at his apartment window and saw Siggie patiently waiting for him. Below the window he saw a gruesome site: the same window the bird had slammed into earlier was littered with birds lying on the ground below. He counted five birds—all dead. Stunned by the strange probability of so many birds crashing into his window, he decided to close the blinds to decrease the deaths.

He picked up a newspaper and scooped the birds into the same garbage can, now holding six dead birds. He was greeted by Siggie as he entered his apartment rubbing up against his leg and nuzzling his feet. James bent down and gave her a few pets. He then noticed that Siggie’s treats had spilled all over the kitchen floor. He found this strange but was too tired to care and simply cleaned up the remaining treats. After cleaning, he sat on his couch to watch TV and relax after a long day. On cue, Siggie jumped in his lap and began purring peacefully.

He watched the Bulls—Celtics game and at halftime headed to the bathroom. On the way there he kicked one of Siggie’s toys across the room, thinking Siggie could use the exercise. When he returned from the bathroom he found Siggie sitting on the couch only she had the toy in her paw. James sat down next to Siggie, grabbed the toy and tossed it across the room. Siggie looked at the toy and up at James. James said, “Don’t you want your toy Siggie?” To his surprise something amazing happened: the toy flew into Siggie awaiting paws.

Dumbstruck, James quickly ran and grabbed his camera and taped Siggie catching the toy from across the room. He didn’t know what to do. Should he exploit Siggie’s talents for wealth, trekking across the country performing freak shows? Even more intriguing: was she born with telekinetic powers or was there something about his apartment that set it off? Why would her trait suddenly appear if she was born with it? Was he likely to acquire telekinetic powers? He decided to sleep on it and went to bed after hours of filming.
James awoke the next morning and perfunctorily went about his morning routine. While brushing his teeth he felt his left foot twitch, then his left leg and then his torso followed. He fell on his left side, his arms caught him. He then felt his legs come up from under him standing on all fours. The door opened and he saw Sigge gazing lovingly from the couch. He felt his body walk on all fours towards Siggie. He sat on the couch and Siggie crawled in his lap. His arm moved without James’ consent and pet Siggie. She purred ostentatiously.

James sat on the couch in terror. He tried to get up but Siggie forced him back. He tried to pick her up with his free hand but she forced it down. Siggie sat on his lap receiving pets delightfully content. She got up and causally strolled to her water bowl and drank a few sips. The cat food bag which was leaned against the wall, fell and she devoured the nuggets. James tried with all his strength to leave the couch but he was quickly over powered and slammed back to the couch. He had become the pet.

Siggie finished her breakfast and climbed back in James’ lap. His hands pet her and scratched behind her ears. She slowly started to fall asleep and James thought perhaps he could escape if he just did not wake her. He attempted to pick her up but she awoke and quickly threw him on the couch. Soon she fell back asleep and he decided he could wait until she used the litter box to escape.

While Siggie used the litter box, James executed his plan. He slowly sneaked towards the door but Siggie saw him and James helplessly flew back to the couch. Her powers had gotten progressively stronger from the night before.

Days past as James began to feel pressure sores build on his legs. His cell phone ran out of battery with no way to charge it. He ate whenever and whatever Siggie allowed which was her cat food and water from the bathroom faucet. It was the only way Siggie knew how to get food and water. Soon the cat food, which was previously half empty, ran out and it dawned on James that he would starve if he didn’t escape. In a last effort, James grabbed Siggie’s head and attempted to snap her neck before Siggie awoke. It was no use as once he laid his hands on Siggie she awoke and his hands began innocuously petting her.

As James feared, Siggie became hungry and she assumed James was also hungry. He sat on the couch and felt his mouth bite his left arm. The blood oozed from his teeth as he felt his flesh slide down his throat. He moaned through his teeth. Once James seemed full, Siggie chewed at his left leg and soon ripped off a small thumbnail sized chuck of flesh. She was startled by his screams and quickly silenced him. At this point, James realized she wanted him alive for more pets which he resumed after she was satisfied with her meal.

James’ landlord knocked on the door. James’ monthly rent was three months late. When James did not answer, he called the police. Soon the police arrived and entered the apartment. The smell was overwhelming: a combination of feces and rotting flesh. They entered the apartment and found what was left of James. His body was missing large chunks of flesh bitten off his body with large and small teeth marks. The couch was stained with old brown blood. He had clearly bled out on that couch. The window of his apartment was slightly cracked open. Beneath the window were half melted paw prints heading off the property.

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Roxydacat avatar
6 years ago

I own a cat I’m scared now……….. Let’s hope that cats can’t really have telekinetic powers and do this to their owners otherwise I’m screwed

7 years ago

Ain’t nobody got time for dis! It’s too fake!

Dinokiler2016 avatar
8 years ago

Great it was kinda funny but it was scary that a cat can eat u

Melvinthesecond avatar
8 years ago

I liked it

Dizzy avatar
9 years ago

oh sheeit!! that was just about the scarist thing i ever read! THUMBS UP FOR YOU

10 years ago

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So no one can read it!

Stop Asking avatar
Stop Asking
10 years ago

This is why I hate “I CAN HAZ CHEEZBURGR!!11one1!”

10 years ago

Sorry couldn’t believe it for a second. Maybe next time.

10 years ago

Yucky pasta.

11 years ago

To be honest, I couldn’t take this story seriously. A cat with jedi force powers? Lol! But still, the thought of being that helpless when faced against such a seemingly harmless animal, is kinda creepy.