The High Price we Pay at the Pump

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“Oh look baby, the price of gas is a whole dollar cheaper at that gas station! Pull in and top off.”

“Awe bay, it’s packed over there. It’s gonna take twenty minutes to just to get to the pump.”

“So what? The money we save right now pays for your lunch tomorrow. Don’t be so lazy!”

Ron reluctantly follows his wife’s request and pulls into the local Shell station to take advantage of the amazing deal on gasoline. The longer he waits the more and more aggravated he gets. The person directly in front of him is taking an abnormally long amount of time to fill up his small Prius. He also seems to be stroking the grip of the pump a little too awkwardly for Ron’s comfort. It was cold outside and the weird man had gloves on so he figured he was just trying to warm up his hand.

“Ron, when you finish pumping can you run inside and get me and Sophie some Icee’s?”

Ron’s truck was nearly on empty and taking forever to fill. The breeze shooting under the canopy was much colder than he anticipated. He notices his fingers and hand started to tingle and numb from the frigidity. Once he is done, he goes inside to get the drinks. As he was pouring he started feeling a violent tingling sensation crawl up his arm at an alarming pace. When he pulls up his sleeve he notices several red vein-like streaks bulging up passed his wrists toward his shoulders. As the streaks hit his neck and carotid artery he begins to feel like his blood is boiling within him. Wave after wave of crimson blood begins to spray out of his mouth and nose, hitting the entire line of customers at the counter. As he slowly stumbles out of the store he can hear screams and sounds of vomiting behind him.

Ron finally makes it to his car and his wife opens the door in a panic to see what was wrong with her husband. As he falls within her grip and into the car, she notices his skin slides off his muscles as though it were poached in boiling water. He sprays the last of his bloody bile over her and their terrified daughter in the back seat. As he sags away through her arms, she sees dozens of patrons suffering similar fates all over the gas station lot. The domino effect was unmistakable. So were the red veins protruding from Sophie’s neck and the boiling sensation in her own chest.

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Cassini avatar
6 years ago

This pasta is way undercooked. I agree with wtf pasta catagory for pastas that just make zero sense. 2/10 :p

HellIsEmptyAndAllTheDemonsAreHere avatar
Vae Vobis
6 years ago

I’ve always been grossed out by gas pump handles. A new Harris Teeter fuel station just opened in town and they actually have disposable gloves provided at the pumps. Haven’t seen that before but good idea. Also, they have ethanol free gas. So, cool.

6 years ago

decent 3 /5

TrashieWantssomecreepystories avatar

well then.

Omfi avatar
6 years ago

Never going to a gas station again

6 years ago

Is the moral to wear gloves? Also if they were in line, what about all those people in front? Was this a case of everyone comes down with it at three o’clock? Or were they informed of the glove rule before?

6 years ago

It escalated quickly, but a bit too quickly. I don’t understand the whole[/spoiler] “dollar cheaper gas makes you spew blood and bile everywhere” [/spoiler]and why this is in the apocalypse tag. 1/5

Dragonlordmikey avatar
7 years ago

This pretty good all you have to do is add more details and add on to what happens I will give you a 7/10.

MetallicaFan avatar
7 years ago

IDK why the comment board is like this, this was well done!
i thoroughly enjoyed it! 🙂
4/5 😀

7 years ago

This is a shame…the concept itslef was actually pretty original but the way it was executed fell very short. Also for goodness sakes, you can’t go from one tense to another in each senetnce! Ughhhhh

PSYCHOpathicPinapple avatar

Pointless read I think it uses the common cliche of using blood all the time just to get a reaction. I suggest next adding something along the lines of an inside problem and explain the problems that the family members that may some how manage to survive face in after this situation. What the hell was the link between title and story as well?

8 years ago

[spoiler]I’m pretty sure the “weird guy with the gloves” coated the pump in something, like anthrax or whatever.[/spoiler] story is still a bit lame though, but from the comments it seems like a lot of people skimmed that info.

Creepa99 avatar
8 years ago

No it’s a disease not greed.

8 years ago

Oh I get it shell

8 years ago

wow that was a very good story i don’t know how you can do it. but can you please add more to the story please?

Enchantressofthefaey avatar

I feel like the idea is great, but wanting to save money on gas isn’t necessarily greedy. Good noodles/weak sauce

Kea_kuki avatar
8 years ago

Sorry but this was awful.

8 years ago

I would rate this 4/10 made absolutely no sense and I would like to add the fact that a new category should be made for this type of creepypasta I would call it; WTF pasta. Could have expanded on it to make it make sense.

pizzaplatinum avatar
8 years ago

That went from zero to sixty in half a second.

Mim avatar
8 years ago

great, it escalated quickly and had that chilling realization i absolutely LOVE at the end
well done!