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All Firemen Are Heroes

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All Firemen Are Heroes

The flames are in full force now. Glass is shattering from the heat generated from this inferno. Even the charred wood is beginning to splinter, unable to withstand the weight of the 2nd and 3rd floors above. You know, it is fires like these that made me want to become a fireman. To see raging death dance across the floors, walls and ceilings is an incredibly beautiful and mystical sight. Don’t you agree?

With each person I pulled out of this burning tomb I saw more and more flashes of cameras from my fans and admirers. It feels incredible to be loved and honored like a hero. It is intoxicating even. I cannot get enough of it. That’s why I keep going into the jaws of death to save these irrelevant people. People like you. What they do not know is that I already know how the flame is going to spread and I know where it is safe and where it is not. That’s why I started the fire there…there…and over there.

Unfortunately, for you, I cannot pull you from this beautiful place. You are the last one in the building…well besides me. My fans tend to question how dangerous fires like these can be if no one dies within them. That’s why I must leave you here. My people must know how much danger I put myself in. The adoration is more sincere this way. You understand don’t you? Look, here is some advice for you my friend. Inhale the smoke. Trust me when I say that it is better than the alternative. Okay then…see ya after the cinders die out.

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4 years ago

sounds interesting to me and want to know more

4 years ago

I really wish this would have been longer. Maybe you could write a follow up creepypasta?

LadyLuna avatar
5 years ago

I absolutely love the twist, and it makes me think of a character I hate from a show I used to watch 🙂

6 years ago

This is my first comment on this site but I had to comment on this one as I knew a guy like this fireman. He was a nurse who got off on hero worship for saving lives so he would use muscle relaxant to stop peoples hearts then revive them. He’s in prison now for multiple counts of murder for all the times it didn’t go to plan.

ab107604 avatar
6 years ago

it is kinda like a ironic story like u expect the fireman to save people but this put a spin on it it to show what fame does to people

checkyourcloset999 avatar
6 years ago

mmm.. that smoke tasted real gucci

StephenKingFan12139 avatar

I read the title and I thought it was gonna be sweet. turned out I now have even less hope in our fire department.

ClownsDancingInTheAttic avatar


InitiateThePain avatar
7 years ago

Hm. Quite fascinated I must say.. How much work and thought do you put into these pastas? Because I think you have done a unexplicable amount of thought into this piece. Don’t cha’ change a thing. I’ll be waiting! 🙂

7 years ago

Even though the story was amazingly written my father is a firefighter and I just can’t see firefighters other than the way I know them and this makes me feel terrible. Great story writing though.

mer avatar
7 years ago

Somehow I love reading this over and over, it has this feel to it, you know?

CampfireManYT avatar
7 years ago

This is great. I narrated it. Tell me if I’m good or not.

[spoiler]Shameless self promotion for the win! Awesome story though[/spoiler]

Cerberusdevil avatar
7 years ago

Both of my parents are firefighters, so I know what a burning building sounds and looks like. You described it almost perfectly. There was a few spelling and grammar errors, but I liked it. 4/5

Crystal07 avatar
7 years ago

This was really creepily twisted. You should write more pastas like this.

ReggaeOutpost avatar
7 years ago

kinda boring[spoiler][/spoiler]

Who_needs_sleep avatar
8 years ago

I wish tim burton made creepypastas movies, so that i could see it play out.

EPICsparklez59 avatar
8 years ago

My dad is a fire-fighter… Now I’m worried

CreepyCompanion avatar
8 years ago

I like the concept but thought the execution could be better.

Marcy avatar
8 years ago

I like reading these short stories because they only have so much detail they can put into them and I love your writing perspective, making it seem like he his talking to me about leaving me in the building. I give this pasta 10/10.

nevergoodenough4love avatar

loved this it was really great