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Maybe It Will All Go Away

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Maybe It Will All Go Away

I can hear them when it’s quiet. They hide in the vents. They laugh at me. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because they know they’ve got me. I can’t do anything to stop them. There’s no one I can tell, everyone would think I’m insane. Now I just have to wait. They’ll come to collect me when they’re ready. Not on my time, god no. They won’t come for me until long after my mind has completely unhinged.

By this time I know they don’t want to be seen, and I have a feeling I don’t want to see them either. They come for me when I’m weakest. The first time I felt their icy breath at my neck was also the first time I tried to shower after I had first heard them. I closed my eyes to wash my hair and suddenly the water became freezing. I felt a large menacing presence behind me, simultaneously the laughter came from everywhere. What was this thing? Or these things? I heard them in the smallest cracks and crevices and it felt monstrous. Perhaps it always had felt this way but my mind had hidden the real fear. Only a moment had passed since I began to feel it while these thoughts raced through my mind. I spun to face it only to find my self staring at the wall. Startled, I got out of the shower and quickly dressed myself somehow I knew they were watching me. It will come back, of this I am sure. I didn’t sleep that night. I didn’t dare to close my eyes for fear that they would return. Every few hours, though, I could hear their piercing laughter cutting through the silence of my once safe home.

It has been about two weeks since that night and I haven’t slept, showered, or left my house since. I hardly eat, only when they stop screaming long enough for me to remember that I need to eat to survive. They are trying to keep me alive, just barely, I don’t know what they’re waiting for but they have changed. I have decided that they are not laughing anymore. Once they realized I wasn’t sleeping anymore they stopped laughing. For a while it seemed they spoke to each other. They don’t speak like you or I speak, they don’t even speak in the voices they laugh with. Instead their speaking comes in the form of inaudible screeches that make the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up. I know its them because when they see me cringe they laugh again.

The screaming started the day I tried to leave the house. Clearly, they want me to stay put. I had my hand on the door knob ready to make a run for it. It had been a week since I had slept and I’m sure I looked a mess. As my body gestured to open the door I heard a scream that seemed to come from inside myself, my whole body shook and trembled as I fell to the ground. Suddenly it stopped. For a moment I lay on the floor screaming and crying wishing this would all go away. They have now scared me into never leaving this place I once called home.

Now I sit here at my desk writing this, the story of how I died. I don’t know what they’ll do once they take me. I can tell that there are more of them now. How many I can’t be sure. But what started as a few of these monsters terrorizing me has turned into a sea of screeching, cackling demons guiding me to my death. I don’t know how much longer I can hold of this exhaustion. My eyelids are falling and I can once more feel the icy breathing on my neck. I know I will not wake or what will become of my body, but please whoever finds this be warned. When you think you see something in the shadows, turn the other way. If you hear something in the basement, ignore it. For if they think you know that they are there, they will show you no mercy. They will terrorize you to your grave as they have done to me. The hands are upon me now and I turn to see the faces. They let me look now, I know I will be the last thing I see. It terrifies me but I can’t fully comprehend what I see. Lack of sleep is messing with my vision now. I’m frightened and so very cold. Maybe, if I just rest my head, it will all go away.

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Carber avatar
6 years ago

The story is great, although the “I’m writing this before i die” part is a bit over used now.

6 years ago

Please learn how to punctuate and how to break writing into paragraphs. Oh, and make the story interesting, that’d be good, too.


i don’t know i just feel the if you sleep you die type of story is very overused, i’m not complaining its hard to come up with something original.

The_Dark_Angel avatar
7 years ago

Wow…I’m speechless. That was really creative and well written. And scary
I loved it!

millieredbird avatar
8 years ago

Saw this on here before – different title, different author.

Great story.

8 years ago

I really enjoyed this one

IAmBread avatar
8 years ago

Pretty cool pasta! 9/10 breads.

9 years ago

great job when I was reading, I seriously felt chills 🙂 10/10

MisterSir avatar
9 years ago

I’m in kind of an awe right now. That was very well wrote. I loved the tone and attitude of it all. But now I’m gonna be scared shirtless when I go to take a shower or go to sleep now xD

pwapx3 avatar
9 years ago

wow… that was good. i just heard cackling and have an icy feeling

11 years ago


11 years ago


11 years ago

Hi…I did enjoy this. However, a few things I didn’t enjoy. The fancy “of this I am sure” language only works when used with near perfect grammar. There were a few sentences that seemed to simply stop in the middle and skip to the next sentence. Besides that, it’s pretty good.