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Inherent Knowledge

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Inherent Knowledge

Out in the Arizona desert, there was a child who has never seen a human face, nor heard a human voice. She resided not on the surface, but beneath it, contained within a bunker. The reason for her situation all came down to a singular issue.

The Existence of God.

One thing that is universally agreed upon by all faiths is that we are all born with an inherent awareness of God. The aim of this project was to demonstrate this by having a young girl, whom had never had any contact of any kind , formulate a concept of God separate from the rest of the world.

The project started innocently enough, with good intentions. Representatives from all the major faiths were present to witness the first potential proof of God. The child was a test-tube baby, screened for all potential genetic defects, and chosen specifically for the the fact it was average in every fashion. For the first years of her life she was brought up in a stark, sterile environment, with all orderlies around her wearing full-face masks to prevent any familiarity.

Her living space was approximately the size of a small one bedroom flat, with white walls throughout. There was no decoration, and minimalistic furniture purely for function. There was a television, however this was used to for her lessons

She was educated throughout the years, hungrily devouring the basics of English and Mathematics. Subjects beyond that were considered unnecessary, as the education was only provided as a means to communicate. Words such as “God”, “Heaven” and “Hell” were pointedly excluded.

It was by her 12th birthday that results started to accumulate. It had been noted in previous weeks that she was starting to show some signs of mental imbalance, stemming from an English lesson that had enlightened her to the word “Name”. She had never been given a name, merely referred to in darkened boardrooms as The Project. This seemed to distress her, as the labelling of words was a fixture in her mind, and with no point to fix herself upon she became confused and angry.

This escalated over the weeks, as she started to become more detached from reality, and on more than one occasion was heard to be engaging in conversations with herself. Whilst her living quarter were under full surveillance, complete with microphones in every room, the nature of this conversations eluded the scientists. She would mutter under her breath, often glaring at the myriad of cameras throughout.

Often it would become necessary to enter the space, to keep the area clean and to perform general maintenance.As a result, she would be rendered unconscious with gas, though the scientists would wait until she was lying in bed half asleep so as not to injure her. On this occasion, two masked technicians entered the room whilst she softly snored away, and set about repairing some minor damage to a table that was in her bedroom.Once finished they started to leave, when one hesitated for a second, stepping closer to the child. A father himself, it pained him to see such a detached individual. He went to touch her, just for a moment, when his partner roughly grabbed his shoulder.

“What are you playing at?”

He opened his mouth to reply, when the young girl exploded up from the bed in spasm, grabbed his hand and dragged herself up close to his face. The technician realised her eyes were rolled backed and her eyelids twitched as if in REM sleep.

“He has finally given me name. Would you like one?”

The technicians partner tried to dragged him away, as the child quickly whispered into his ear. Later, the partner would try to recall the words, but could not place as it seemed at one point two people were speaking. The technician had started to spasm and scrabbled at his ears in pain.

Guards hurriedly pull on their masks, then rushed into the room to drag the man out. As this occurred, the child sat on the bed cackling and crowing at the chaos she had inspired, and she continued to do so for hours after they had left. The man was taken for treatment, but found to be hopelessly insane. Before they could restrain him, he succeeded in tearing off one of his own ears and biting off his own tongue.Conjecture later suggested it was in a bid to prevent himself from ever hearing or repeating the terrible words he heard that day.

The man was dead within a week, though the cause was not clear. One thing of note was that his moment of death, the girl, whom was secluded away in the bunker and miles from his location, started to giggle. She stared up at one of the cameras and smiled.

“the tithe has now been satisfied.”

When pressed on this statement in her lessons, she smirked, but refused to enlighten.

The previous events were gleaned from various documents and personal accounts. At this point these all stop. What is known is that that night there was a catastrophic event at the installation. Every person on duty was brutally massacred. The confusing aspect of this was that the perpetrator is not clear. As each of the technicians, scientists and guards on duty died, the child sat in the centre of her room reciting the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic.


Camera footage showed 117 men and women convulse and violently vomit blood until they collapsed from supposed blood loss. As the last victim died, the child rose to her feet and walked to the door of her entire universe since she was born. Wood charred and metal melted as a hole burned it’s way through and she took her first steps into the wide world.

As she walked she seemed to caress the very air with her hands, and was clearly happy despite being surrounded by such visceral gore. As she made her way out of the bunker , nothing was an obstacle. Even the blood and bodies of the formerly so curious were swept aside, a veritable red sea parting before her. As she reached the exterior, she turned and faced one of the final cameras. She stared at it for a moment then spoke.

“You never told me what I was looking for. Who knows what I was going to find. My name is Eve, and i represent the eve of you all.”

At this moment, the image from the camera flickered, and revealed a fully grown man with eyes as black as pitch, not wearing a scrap of clothing, with one hand on the girls shoulder. Despite looking malicious, it could not be denied that he stared at the girl with some aspect of paternal pride. Another flicker and he was gone.

The girl was last seen striding off into the desert as if with a clear goal in mind.

Her location is unknown.
Her abilities are unknown.
Her intentions are unknown.

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6 years ago


i hate that people keep putting what its similar to — because that has nothing to do with this story

this story is amazing – YES OF COURSE, ive read the other finding God stories – but the way this was written was so great.. and sooo evil… to think a bunch of scientists would put a human being in a room by herself like that is sooo evil its ironic they would do such an evil thing to find God.. which is why i think the end was soo perfect… i wish there was more, but since not – i’ll read it again instead 😀

thank you!!


_space.dad_ avatar
6 years ago

This story was very well wrote and sent shivers down my back, good job.

7 years ago

[spoiler]I enjoy the fact that in the face of “god” Evil (the unknown) is ultimately the victor. [/spoiler]

7 years ago

[spoiler]So nobody is thinking about the possibility that this “grown man” is maybe the devil? They haven’t told her what to look for and maybe god doesn’t interfere in this way!? That would also give this story a final twist to be more complete. They searched for god and found the devil and their real origin: Eve comes from the devil.[/spoiler]

HierophantBlack avatar
7 years ago

I really like this concept. I also like the implication that merely knowledge of the concept of God sort of “inoculates” humans against the influence of evil forces. This was pretty badass, and I’m gonna go get my Rosary now.

CarmillaKarnstein avatar
8 years ago

I’m not a religious person, but I do love history and religious tales. This is a wonderful pasta and if you wrote more like this, your fanbase would grow rather large.

8 years ago

Not bad. Original idea, but a semi-predictable ending. It’s the same tune we’ve all heard but with different lyrics. Well-written, though. Keep up the good work!

LemonLimeLord avatar
8 years ago

reminds me of “gatway of the mind”

LemonLimeLord avatar
8 years ago

i dont even have to read the full thing and i know its got religious bullshit

Smileitshorror avatar
8 years ago

Felt like quite a few other pastas I’ve seen before, Science tries to prove the paranormal and it goes terribly wrong with dead researcers eventually filling up the labratory/ bunker/ favored scientific setting. I liked the style though and overall it was a pretty good pasta. 4/5

FatherDeath666 avatar
8 years ago

i love this one reminds me of elfen lied

8 years ago

It started off pretty interesting, but it went a little too far at the end. This story feels a bit like a hybrid of the Gateway of the Mind creepypasta and the Russian Sleep Experiment creepypasta. It’s pretty good though. :3

8 years ago

what a grate s

Taylor1992 avatar
8 years ago

I like this one; it’s so interesting. 🙂

DemelzaRequiem avatar
8 years ago

I love this pasta! The concept is scary and the writing is exquisite. Good job!

DarkDisciple avatar
8 years ago

original idea, good choice in words, professionally presented, well done

Erwinblackthorn avatar
8 years ago

Even though biblical creepypastas are a little bit silly in my own personal taste, I actually liked this one because it had a nice style to it. Most of the time, it is a boring story, but the way it was done here was nice and modern. Great writing and nice use of words. The only bad thing I saw was an “I” that wasn’t capitalized, but that doesn’t mean anything. For this one, I give it a 5/5, but maybe a more scientific style would have been better, like if it was logged onto a computer as a report by one of the people working on the project. That way it would have been more immersive, but it isn’t required. Keep up the good work, I really do want to see more from you.

pizzaplatinum avatar
8 years ago

I like this creepypasta, because the idea of this experiment is pretty disturbing. I also like when she becomes like a vessel for God, kills 117 people, and melts the door to get to the outside of which she has been deprived of.