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You’ve seen her. You know you have. Try to deny it all you want, it happened. It happened a lot actually. Never fully, always out of the corner of your eye, just out of sight. That’s where she stays. She does not like to be seen, but she loves it when people try. You try to tell yourself it was nothing, just your mind playing tricks. She likes that too. She likes making you feel like that. You tell yourself there is nothing there, yet you feel her. You feel her gaze. You feel her breath on the back of your neck. Your hair stands on end when she is there, did you think that happens for no reason? It’s her. It’s always been her. It will always be her.

She was the beginning, and she will be the end. She was the first. The first shadow that has haunted man from the beginning. She is older than sin itself. She was here long before what you call God, and she will be around long after he is forgotten. In the mean time, she wants you.

You feel her pull. You don’t know that you feel it, but something inside you drives you to know what she is. You can’t deny it anymore, you know you saw something. A ghost? A demon? You don’t know. But that’s where you start. Suddenly, you’re obsessed. You need to know. You’ve read every book on the occult you can find. You scour the Internet, reading every article you can about what lurks in the dark. Nothing seems to fit. You read about shadow people, boogie men, and every other entity from every obscure website. Some seem like possibilities, but you know that’s not what you saw. Then you find it. “Her”. This is it, before you even read the article, you know this is it. You’re suddenly filled with the sickening mixture of dread and desire. You click on the link, but it’s just a blank page with one line of writing. “The beginning ritual”. Hurriedly, you google the ritual, and find the directions on how to see her.

It looks like your run of the mill ritual. Candles, symbols and a bit of blood, nothing too out of the ordinary. You get everything you need. The thought that you will finally see her fills you with anticipation. You will know what she is. You’ll know you’re not crazy. You go to start the ritual, but you suddenly get the feeling that something is not right. You feel that you’re in danger, but you shrug it off. After all, you’re trying to see the thing that lurks in the dark, of course you’re nervous. So you proceed. You draw the symbols, say the strange words, and you bring the large hunting knife to the palm of your hand, and make one long smooth cut.

The second your blood hits the floor, you feel it. The concussion. The absolute, horrendous pain. You feel as through your body is being ripped to shreds and burned all at once. You try to scream, but it’s useless. You’ve lost all control of your body. All you can do is sit there and feel the searing, blinding pain. It doesn’t stop. As the days, weeks, months go on, it doesn’t stop. You feel every second of it. You can’t sleep. You won’t pass out. There is no reprieve. You feel your mind slip away from you. Your once rational thoughts turn into demented desires to make someone else feel as you do. You need to show them how it feels. You need to show them how she makes you feel.

You know she is there, even though you can’t see, you know it. Then you hear her. The sweet beautiful voice. You hear the words, they’re unrecognizable, but somehow you understand. “You found me, I knew you would. You will be one of mine. Would you like that?” She coos to you. Eagerly, you agree. Suddenly, you realize you can move again, but it feels weird. As though your body has changed shape and bends in different positions. “Find me more, we need to be many. Seek out those who used to be like you. Those who want to believe in monsters”. You feel her touch your face, it feels as though she could rip the skin off. You can feel the long gashes where she touched you. You can feel the blood seeping out, but you like it. Suddenly the pain she causes feels like when your mother used to hug you. You smile, but your mouth opens much wider than it used to. You find this funny. You laugh, your voice is much deeper than it was before, and the sound makes you laugh even more. You feel her close again. “Go. Find me more. Set them on the path, you know how, I’ve showed you”. You feel everything slip away.

When you awake, you’re in a strange yet familiar space. You feel someone around you, so you hide. You scuttle sideways across the floor and take refuge in the shadows. You don’t want them to see you. You only move when they turn away from you. You know what this looks like to them, they can only see you out of the corner of their eyes. They tell themselves it was just their imaginations, so you move again, a little more obvious this time. They scream. The sound excites you more than you thought possible. You want them to do it again, and the though makes you laugh. They run out of the room. You know they heard you, and it angers you that they ran away. You were having fun. Then you hear someone else, so you go and play with them too.

You see her from time to time. While you follow your play things. You see them search, just as you had. You watch them find the ritual. You see them spill their blood. Then she comes. She always comes. She smiles at you, and you know what is about to happen. You know what they are about to feel, and it excites you.

You watch your play thing disappear, just as you once did, and she come closer to you. “Well done, keep going,” she says as she touches your chest, leaving deep, blood soaked ridges. You look down, and smile. This will help you with the next one. You watch her disappear too. This makes you sad. Then a thought occurs to you, if you send her more play things, you will see her.

Eagerly, you scuttle off to lure another play thing into her grasp so you can see her again. Nothing else matters. Just her.

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TrashieWantssomecreepystories avatar

This is a great story! I love it!

DrJagged avatar
6 years ago

Recurring incident creepypasta, mm-mm-mm! My favorite!

Great pasta not much to say, 9.5/10

Creepypastasarereal avatar

Awesome creepy pasta I almost got scared

7 years ago

Tastier than lasagne on a Tuesday. I love how the vague descriptions keep you guessing about who or what “Her” actually is, this makes it even creepier in my opinion. 5*

silent_child avatar
7 years ago

This story was incredibly good, loved it!

7 years ago

[spoiler][/spoiler] you feel as if she could rip off your skin at any moment

Your pretty good!

TheMoonborn52 avatar
8 years ago

Wow. Not knowing who she is makes it more mysterious, and more great to read. This was tasty, I’d give it a 9.5/10

UltimateAnti-christ avatar

I am “her”. I will haunt you in your dreams, and you will just see the slightest flicker of me in the corner of your eyes and wonder,”Was that real?”.

WitchingHour avatar
8 years ago

I like this concept of a mother of monsters, queen of everything that goes bump in the night.

8 years ago

The only thing I’d say to work on is it seemed as if towards the beginning you started getting a bit more vague but overall this was great!! 5/5

8 years ago

The only thing is that we never figured out what she was. A demon? other than that, I give it 10/10

Whispers-Brake avatar
8 years ago

Very good 10/10

8 years ago

this is nice.

MyAnusIsBleeding avatar
8 years ago

THIS IS CRAZY….. This is one of the absolute best pastas ever. While I was reading this I kept looking around and freaking out. 5/5

FuroFireStar avatar
8 years ago

This is great. Honestly love this. Wish i could be what he is, whatever that is. 5/5

OliviaRomineD avatar
8 years ago

I mean… Who needs sleep? Sleep is for the weak, oh god this story! 5/5

hensley avatar
8 years ago

Is this about love? Sure sounds like a metaphor 4 dating.

XcXiAmPrm avatar
8 years ago

its good

Jahn Fahler avatar
Jahn Fahler
8 years ago

This is a wonderfully formulated pasta. The elements of a true spook. Good job! Yum yum!

Although there is one spelling error I noticed it wasn’t a big deal, and I’m sure you noticed it after you submitted it but it was too late 🙂 It’s okay bud.

YoursUnfaithfully avatar
8 years ago