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Mimicker from the Prison

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Mimicker from the Prison

The complication that is involved regarding why I am where I am is far too great for me to try and explain but, to simplify things, it’s important to know that I am ‘stuck’. I use the term ‘stuck’ lightly as I am able to stretch my arms outside the barrier I’m held in. Unfortunately, in order for me to be fully free from this blank prison I’d have to grab hold of some sort of anchor point residing in the outside world. When I grab hold of it I’d have drag myself out, so the anchor point would have to be of sufficient weight. And when I do drag myself out, the anchor point would take my place as a prisoner of this cell. It’s also vital that no one see my hand being outstretched for that would cause absolute torment to head my way.

Why am I here? To cut it short, I am locked away in this cramped cell because I was a bit of a violent piece of trash. I murdered innocent women and children. I severely beat up the elderly just to hear their bones snap. The sound of that ‘snap’ is more euphoric than any worldly drug that scientists could ever compose. At one point, I decided to rape several religious virgin girls, simply because they would be detested by their community for having had sexual relations. I raped their bodies after they had hung themselves. These cases are a few things that placed me in here. There’s quite a lot more but I think you get the point.

Here’s the special thing about this prison; I’m the only one in it. It gets quite lonely in here so sometimes I talk to myself. This used to be therapeutic but I got over it really quickly. Now I just talk because I need to open my mouth. I will go mad if I don’t hear myself say something. I usually reach out onto the other side and grab some personal hygienic equipment with me such as comb, a toothbrush and toothpaste, mouthwash, a towel, deodorant, etc. Using these products makes me feel like I’m a whole new man again. It’s not usually after two minutes that I come to ground level and remember that I’m trapped here.

Sometimes I cry about some of the things I’ve done in my life. While crying, I like to think about what life would’ve been like if I hadn’t made such poor decisions. I had dreams and goals. Before I became a psychopath I had a friend that I always thought was pretty good looking. But this person was a lot smarter than me so I figured I had no chance. But after I cry I always snap back to being the devil that I am. There is no escaping this cycle. I am doomed to repeat this, again and again.

That is, unless I can get out of here.

Nowadays, I don’t really have a particular appearance. I just copy what I see in the outside world, just to get a glimmer of hope that one day I may get out of here. Quite a lot of the time I’d see someone walk by. I’d make myself look like them and I’d do what they’d do. It’s a pretty neat trick, you see. And it is because people don’t know that I’m actually there that I’m able to know a lot about them. In the past people have looked straight at me and cried their poor hearts out, blind to the knowledge that I listen on intently. I know the weaknesses of these people and thirst for the day in which I use it to my advantage. This thought is what keeps me going. This is the source of my will and my strength.

But wait, in all of my rambling I forgot to ask; would you like to know where I am?

A clue?

This morning I tried to reach out and grab you.

I’ll probably try again tomorrow.

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ab107604 avatar
6 years ago

this is cool I like the way it describes that he was a person before but it doesn’t quite tell you how he got there making it more of a mystery

6 years ago

Nice concept and writing style. But too much details about the past life of them kind of kill the vibe a bit. It would have been nicer to stop at the first sentence. Leave it to the imagination of the reader, it would have been more effective. Because you don’t ask yourself questions, and when you don’t questions, you forget about the creepypasta while it should stay stuck in your mind forever. I’d give it a 6/10.
It was nice, and long enough.

HellIsEmptyAndAllTheDemonsAreHere avatar

Oh, is it all hipster/goth/emo/douchebaby to proclaim that you hate mirrors? “Oh, man, it’s like.. reality all, like, backwards, like my meaningless life. I need some Xanax bars.”. No wonder their black makeup always looks fucked up. How do you feel about smooth metallic surfaces, clean black cars and bodies of still water?

duruzu avatar
7 years ago

it’s not often you come across a pasta with such graphic imagery, wow, that took me by surprise! i’m thoroughly creeped out, good work!

FallenShadows avatar
7 years ago

That was really good man! I thoroughly enjoyed that!!!

espekadust avatar
7 years ago

Well done, is the prison the mirror?

7 years ago

This has a lot of potential. There were a few minor errors, but nothing seriously major that detracts from the effectiveness of the story. Good Job!

Mychemicaljaylin avatar
7 years ago

My mind is super fucked up and disgusting. This was amazing, but come on…. mirrrors? I already hate mirrors as it is but now I have even more reason to

ashley_the_killer avatar
7 years ago

I’ve read some of your other pastas and i really like your writing style and how unique they are. This one is my favorite so far though. I really do hope you keep writing, i would like to keep reading other pastas you may put out in the future. 10/10

7 years ago

It took me a few reads to understand.once I got it,I thought it was very unique of an idea.but I didn’t get it at first

7 years ago

I was torn between a mirror or a toilet but I think its more fun if some wickedly sick poop would try and grab you early in the morning ho ho xD

Savage63 avatar
8 years ago

This story was short, but it is amazing. You pieced it together perfectly. This would be the best thing I read today. Great job!

MikillHatsuicide avatar
8 years ago

I found this to be very offensive and inapropriate. 1/10

bartonc avatar
8 years ago

I’m starting with the man in the mirror. Wo

abrie smith
abrie smith
8 years ago

Mirror, mirror on the wall this shit is creepy but i love it all lol the mirror is the prison

FuroFireStar avatar
8 years ago

Its ok. Really hard to follow. Didn’t really get it, but has potential.

OliviaRomineD avatar
8 years ago

[spoiler]Wait… Is this talking about a mirror?! [/spoiler] Oh my god! Great pasta! I love the ones that kind of make you think and the plot was great! 5/5

dark_terror avatar
8 years ago

Seriously mirrors already scare the hell out of me. Thanks for making it so much harder to shave. Great story.

BitchesIllenaBrew avatar
8 years ago

…this made me feel so uncomfortable. Freaky. Loved this story!

ComedyAndTragedy avatar
8 years ago

We enjoyed your story! We hope you continue to write scary stories because you have talent!