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Deal With the King

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Deal With the King

There are times within a person’s life when they will curse the limitations of their own human body. While it can perform many actions there are moments when it is simply not enough. Have you ever tried to swim underwater for long periods of time? Perhaps you have been beaten senselessly by a hulking bully. It could be that you are late to your destination.

Whatever the reason may be I can guarantee that you’ve wished you were stronger or faster. Bigger or smaller. You may have wanted to change your appearance at will or have the ability to perform any other superhuman ability. For years humans have had to rely on the progression of technology in order for them to lift extremely heavy stuff or arrive at their destination hurriedly and the like.

But what if I told you that you could gain these superhuman abilities for yourself?

You probably wouldn’t believe me. This seems reasonable; as a matter of fact I would doubt your sanity if you did believe me. But for those whose sanity has slipped, there is a way to be granted with what you wish. The ritual to do so is not particularly difficult. No—the hard part comes afterwards. And those who have gone through with the ritual have never lived their life the same way again.

The ritual begins with you locating an area in which you would be alone for miles. When you do find such a place, you must fall onto your knees and repeat, clearly, the phrase, “Let it be known that I have forsaken the path of Holiness and call onto the ‘King Whose Throne Lies on the Sea’,” twice. If the king has heard you he will summon himself before you.

He will command you to stand and will then ask you for your wish. You can ask him for whatever human augmentation you would like but you can only pick one. Additionally, make sure you speak very clearly. The king will then inform you of the cost: the removal of a small fragment of your humanity every time the superhuman ability is used. He will then extend his hand.

This is an extremely crucial point in the ritual. The extension of the hand is his offering of a handshake. Now, you can decide to withdraw from the deal, in which case he will inflict a large cut on your hand. The king does not like those who waste his time. Alternatively, you can accept the deal, in which case you are to shake his hand. Choosing the latter option will instantly grant you whatever it is you wished for and the king will go back to his throne. This is the end of the ritual.

As mentioned before, at any point you activate your ability you will lose a small fragment of your humanity. The smart ones tend to be very economical with their power usage as a result. Or at least they start of that way. At some point, anybody who has an ability that surpasses that of other humans tend to end up abusing it. Even though it is through tiny fragmentations, their humanity withers away inevitably.

There will be a time when the person with power subtly, but surely, morphs into a creature that represents their ability and their personality. But the person with power will not notice this for they have fallen deep within the recesses of their own foul nature. All those people will know is how to use their power for their advantage. Before long, they will have completely mutated into a sub-human beast with no knowledge of who they are, and where they come from. They will be slaves to their own power.

The first ever case of this deal with the king occurred with a man who grew jealous of his brother’s strength. These brothers were the great grandsons of the man humans refer to as ‘Adam’. Furthermore, it is passed down through several books that Adam met the king, who tricked him into eating a forbidden fruit.

To this day, the king continues to make the deal with humans who seek power, greater than they can handle. And they continue to transform into unknowledgeable creatures. You’ve probably seen one them before.

There are parks called ‘zoos’ that are dedicated to observing them in the habitat they’ve had to survive in.

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1 year ago

Is this really?

5 years ago

Cool story I liked how “the king” is the devil[spoiler][/spoiler]

5 years ago

[spoiler]so as you use your power you slowly turn into an animal?[/spoiler]

6 years ago

I want to be a cokaroach please

DemonicSlate avatar
7 years ago

So it’s like that’s how animals were created?????

Alpha111803 avatar
7 years ago

[spoiler]i get it the king is Satan [/spoiler]

Omfi avatar
7 years ago

I would definitely do the ritual if it was real.

Lillie C Nation
7 years ago

I am a youtube narrator and I was wondering if I could have your permission to narrate your story? I will properly site you are the author and link to this website.

ashley_the_killer avatar
7 years ago

it was different than any other story I’ve read on this sight and because of that i ended up really liking it. [spoiler] I’m not sure how to feel about the zoo part. i liked it because it was one of the reasons that this pasta is so different from others but i also feel like it ruined the ending of this creepypasta as well. [/spoiler] Overall, it was a really good pasta so i hope to see you keep writing

7 years ago

hmm.. so I wonder what kind of animal a person with an ability to teleport would become

StopCrazy avatar
7 years ago

Well written, the zoo part kinda ruined it ;P

TheNextHokage avatar
7 years ago

much sp00k

EPICsparklez59 avatar
8 years ago

Wow. I didn’t actually know it was [spoiler]satan.[/spoiler] Cool!

spawnofcthulhu avatar
8 years ago

Really like the concept here. I think this could be flushed out into a much longer pasta or short story. While the ‘creepiness’ wasn’t exactly at the fore in this one, I think it could be if the story was expanded. However, I did think the zoo part was a bit cheesy and didn’t really need to be added in.

Gilly25 avatar
8 years ago

This creepy pasta reminds me of a concept that I fooled around with, where it’s like an alien zoo for humans…
I do like the creepy pasta thou! 😀

AshenBloodBeast avatar
8 years ago

if only this ritual was real. X3 lel

WitchingHour avatar
8 years ago

It was a cool concept but I think the zoo part ruined it.

Springborn avatar
8 years ago

Not very creepy but well written.

TheSpoopyPanda avatar
8 years ago

Not creepy but its a really cool concept

dark_terror avatar
8 years ago

I like it very unique.