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Star 69

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Star 69

Back in the 1980’s there was a phone prank that my sisters and I used to do when we were kids. It was known around the neighborhood that if you were to dial your own phone number, replace the first three digits with “555”, and then press the receiver down 3 times, the phone would ring back on its own. It had to be on a touch tone which were common back then.

We did the prank whenever we were bored, waiting to see our mother or father reach for the phone only to hear nobody on the other end. This sent us into huge laughs until one afternoon our mother yelled at us to stop messing with the phone. I remember this vividly because after she answered the phone I saw her face drain of color as she looked over at my sister and me. Her reaction upon slamming the phone down scared us and we promised never to play with the phone again. We must have done the “prank” a dozen times up to that point.

The last time I attempted the phone prank was at a friend’s house across the street during a sleepover. I picked up his phone and dialed 555-4127. I clicked the receiver down three times before I realized I just put my phone number after 555, and not my friend’s.

Before I have a chance to do it over again, the phone rings and I pick it up for my friend thinking it was a legit phone call.

He answers, “Hello?”

I can hear someone screaming back, “What did I tell you?! YOU’RE FUCKING DEA-!!”

My friend started crying and was so terrified and confused that his mother sent us all home. The thought of the phone as a dangerous thing suddenly became real.

Later on that night while I’m looking at my friend through the window, I see a man come up behind him. The light shuts off. It may have been his father, I wasn’t sure.

The next morning I called across the street and got a busy signal. I walked over and knocked, nobody came to the door. All of the cars were in the driveway though… he should still be home.

I walked around to the back of the house to see the back door wide open. I can see that they are in the living room watching tv. I enter the house. A voice is heard softly in the background, “If you’d like to make a call please hang up and dial again…” When I made my way to the living room I saw my friend and his parents all sitting on the couch staring through me with horrible purple expressions on their faces, phone cords wrapped tightly around all of their necks.

They tore the house down, nobody would move in there…

I asked my mother years later, looking at the empty lot across the street, about the phone call that made her yell at us that one day and she told me all she could hear was a man screaming in a very deep voice something about tracing the call next time someone called this number. It sounded like a recording with all of the static, but she wasn’t sure.

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4 years ago

This was creepy, and it definitely crept me ALOT.

Gritfoshiz avatar
6 years ago

This is a pasta i would want to eat

ScaryTurtle66 avatar
6 years ago


7 years ago

STOP THESE ANNOYING PHONE CAWLSH! They called about fifty timesh yeshterday, so … Talk to you’re f’n hoarse.

Krazy_Katie_ avatar
7 years ago

I clicked on it because it had “69” in the title. :3

IamJewishJesus avatar
7 years ago

Very much enjoyed reading this

BloodyBlanche avatar
7 years ago

Intriguing and delicious! My mind is racing through the possibilities on this one!

7 years ago

But why star 69

TheFnafManiac avatar
7 years ago

I tried it.It didn’t work.

I heard a crash from the backdoor.After reading this,I’m so thankfull that my phone is wireless.And that the New Heavdn shotgyn beside me is loaded.

7 years ago

*69 was the old caller id if someone called you you called *69 and it told you the last number to call your phone what I don’t get is he was prank calling his own number and even pranked called his own number from his friends so then who the fuck killed his friend and his family was it his own dad then seeing as how he called his home number from his friends line that in my eyes leaves a huge plot hole and sorry it makes this story horrible

Crystal07 avatar
7 years ago

Oh, god. Please don’t let this pasta be true. It was terrifying and I loved it.

8 years ago


talliatildeath avatar
8 years ago

this is quite a story very normal though it doesn’t really scare but still good

8 years ago

Short and creepy. The best kind of pasta.

ashley_the_killer avatar
8 years ago

It’s a really good pasta I personally really liked it and hopefully it’s not real

8 years ago

I love the thought of what the person on the other end was doing all this time. A good pasta overall.

dark_terror avatar
8 years ago

Great pasta. Very well written keep it up.

TheCatGoddess avatar
8 years ago

Good pasta, well written.
For those who don’t understand the title; it says in the story that if people keep calling the guys phone again he would trace it.
If someone calls you, and you dial *69 it gives you the phone number for whoever just called.

OliviaRomineD avatar
8 years ago

Oh my god, that was amazing! I love these kinds of Pasta’s they’re always great!

8 years ago

Love the title: Star 69.