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Back in the woods,
in a little ol’ town.

There sits a grave
on unholy ground.

It’s covered in leaves
and things that crawl.

Buried in weeds
and the vines that sprawl.

The light is dim
and the wind grows cold.

Her name was Nellie,
she was ten years old.

She killed her family
and fed on their fat.

She killed their dog
to feed her cat.

She haunted the neighbors
with her spells and her tricks.

She stabbed at their ankles
with nails and sharp sticks.

She danced in the shadows
to a devilish tune.

Calling up spirits,
and drawing down the moon.

She struck fear in their hearts,
on those long, lonely nights.

They locked doors and windows,
and left on their lights.

Through darkness and shadows,
and under their beds.

She’d tickle their toes
and chop off their heads.

In the County they gathered,
they came to the church.

With pitch fork and lantern
they started their search.

Long into the night,
they followed her trails.

They searched all the shadows,
and deep into wells.

When they found her half crazed,
she put up a fight.

They killed her by fire,
screams echoing in the night.

They buried her bones
on the unholy ground.

A secret they kept,
to their graves, it was bound.

If you hear it, don’t tell it,
you’ll regret if you do.

For if you dare speak it,
she’ll come back, after you.

Her grave, if you find it
and dare be so bold.

You’ll remember Nellie,
she was ten years old.

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Mr. Egly lives in North-Eastern Indiana with his Husband. His house is full of crazy, He has 3 dogs and a few stubborn ghosts. "Writing has been one of my major hobbies for many years. There's nothing like it." Mr. Egly says of the many projects he is working on. He loves spending time with his husband Spencer, writing and being creative, as well as working at the Library in his town. He is a very busy person.

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FreekyPotato avatar
6 years ago

I like poem pastas; and I especially liked how long this one was

StephenKingFan12139 avatar

She smoked way to much weed

GriffFromDiscord avatar
6 years ago

hot damn thats a 10/10 read again if i read again

Omfi avatar
7 years ago

Gag you are officially 5 stars

7 years ago

Very interesting style. Nice creepy pasta.

Grantpasta506 avatar
8 years ago

Wonderful pasta, great story! 5/5!

8 years ago

Wow. This is very dark.

CourtJester avatar
8 years ago

This was wonderful, I felt tears.

8 years ago

Great poem

TheBlackWolf1 avatar
8 years ago

Thumbs up to you my good lad/lady

rainbowdashyy123456 avatar

420 outta 69*claps

ShadowSlasher13 avatar
8 years ago

I love how the poem is written. Amazing pasta!

8 years ago

Ooh, nice one! This is better than some of the poems in the Scary Stories (To Tell In The Dark) books, and someone makes a lot of money off of those! The decision to tell this tale as a poem was perfect in my opinion. It gives it a nearly comical light-hearted whimsy that is very fitting, [spoiler]especially considering the subject is a child. [/spoiler] Well-done!

drithpg8 avatar
8 years ago

10/10! Bravo! It’s hard to create such great poetry…. I suck, so you’re just amazing to me! 😀

SelinaTheKiller avatar
8 years ago

I Love This poem :3

Wolf.Keeper avatar
8 years ago

I love poem pastas, and yours is one om my favorites 🙂 I’d love to hear the backstory, you know, what made her like that. 10/10, great job 🙂

Thecreepteam avatar
8 years ago

Real talent to write a creepy pasta in poem format. Nice!

precious avatar
8 years ago

One of the best poems I’ve read. Pretty creepy. I like that poem a lot keep up the good work you are very good a what you do.

Ms White Writer
Ms White Writer
8 years ago

Very nice poem i love it 50\50

8 years ago

I love pasta poems. They are amazing! Can’t wait to read more!