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9 Year old Edward and the Shadow Man

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9 Year old Edward and the Shadow Man

August 13th, 1921
Prof. Herbert Clayton
Children’s Ward
St. Mary’s Childrens Hospital
Fife, Scotland

Dear Professor,
My trusted friend and mentor, I write to you in the hope that you may advise me on a matter of urgency concerning a patient of mine.

Edward is a boy of just nine years who arrived with his mother six days ago with a disposition so positive that we did not at first admit him. This did not last long.

Edward claims that six days ago, while playing in the garden, he became aware of someone or something watching him. He identified a shadowy figure ‘like black ink’ with large circular eyes and elongated limbs. Edward described that while it resembled an owl, it spoke as if inside his head with the voice of his recently deceased father. The voice apparently told Edward that it would come for him in seven days to take him to ‘The Desolate Plain’, a place name that I am unfamiliar with. Its mere mention brought Edward into a fit of hysteria.

His condition has deteriorated quickly in the last few days. The boy has become convinced that the shadowy figure has returned and is moving closer each time towards him. The delusion appears to have some connection to mirrors and glass, both of which Edward has banished from his room.

I write to you, Professor, because on the final night of Edward’s imaginary deadline, I went to check upon the boy and found that he was not alone in his bedroom. I could discern only two things in the moonlight, each of them a sight I shall take to the grave. First, a figure whose retracting limbs cracked like broken wood as it moved into the shadows. The second, a look of such tragic countenance etched upon that child’s face that none could suffer it and be unmoved.
I heard your voice from the shadows, emanating from two round eyes that glinted and lost themselves like waves upon a black sea.

But it was not your voice, Professor, and I write to you now because Edward passed away this morning and I am no longer alone even when I believe myself to be.

Dr. George Booth

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3 years ago

Yeah man, if there is an asshole present, you know the shadow man its gonna take it…..

4 years ago

I can’t wait to read what happens next. hint hint

ascherer316 avatar
5 years ago

Make it a series! It’s really cool and I want to read more [see how the thing affects other people maybe? ]

francessoto avatar
6 years ago

its very interesting what profesor wiil be sayed for this

arez_12 avatar
6 years ago

Wish it would be longer but a pretty good story

HarleyJw avatar
6 years ago

Best pasta this week amazing 5/5

Warriorcats101 avatar
6 years ago

This was so cool obviously a 10/10!

6 years ago

Very well written pasta, loved the twist of how the sight of The Shadow Man can be ‘transmitted’ from person to person.

Deathbylava avatar
6 years ago

OH. MY. FLIPPING. GOSH. This is one of the best pastas I have ever read. [spoiler]But is This supposed to be like slender?[/spoiler] Anyway, 10/10

6 years ago

You put such little work into this story

FlareArrowwood avatar
6 years ago

11/10 beautiful. Now I’m creeped out.

Haunting Tales
Haunting Tales
6 years ago

Hi, I’m looking for some creepypastas I can read and upload to youtube. With your permission I’d like to read your story with of course full credit to you.

Sloan avatar
6 years ago

nicely done! I think this tale, universe rather, could be expanded by perhaps a letter from Professor Clayton or a follow-up letter written by Booth in a more fervent tone.

6 years ago

I liked this one! It had no mistakes and I like how it had detail. 10/10

6 years ago

oh meh god

6 years ago

I first shivered as the story was creepy enough on its own, Then i realised the address at the top… I live in Dundee, about 10 miles from Fife.

outbreak101 avatar
6 years ago

Pretty good creepypasta, might be worth narrating as a bonus story. I like the length of the story, as it kept the pacing at a steady pace and made it creepier IMO. 8/10

7 years ago

Well written. Great short story

Emeraldeyes avatar
7 years ago

Gave me chills. I love it.

raven.exe avatar
7 years ago

Really good i love it