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The Magician

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The Magician

The magician strides onto the stage, tall and elegant, wearing a bowler cap and a black blazer to match his pants and suspenders.
He smiles, an empty smile. One that has been repeated every day for a different batch of little whiny brats. The magician raised his hands and the children continued yammering away. The twerps didn’t even notice him. He hated going after the clowns.
But this time, something is different. One child, a little girl wearing a dark dress stares intently at the magician. Realizing he actually had an audience for once, he leapt into action.
First he pulled a rabbit out of his little bowler cap. The other children didn’t notice a thing, of course, but the one child smiled faintly. Smiling back, the magician grew confident and was actually enjoying his job for once.
Pulled flowers out of thin air, made cards fly from one hand to the other, dancing handkerchiefs.
Noone else noticed him but that darling little girl. She was smiling widely now and clapped and giggled after every trick.
Then his act was over, and the tigers were dragged out. Of course that’s when the children all looked at the stage in excitement. The magician looked to the crowd, trying to get one last glimpse at his only fan. But her attention had turned to the tigers, the magician had been forgotten.
Saddened, the magician left the tent and trudged over to his trailer. After he closed the door behind him, he turned on his lamp.
The girl was in his trailer.
“Hello, mister.” She said sweetly.
“Hallo? ‘Ow’d you get in me trailer?”
She shrugged.
“Well, anyways, wot can I do you for?”
She looked up at him with wide innocent eyes.
“Are you a REAL magician?”
He winked, “Best there is, missy.”
“Make me pretty.”
The magician was taken aback. She was a fairly pretty little girl already.
“Excuse me?”
“Make me pretty.” She said it with a bit of force this time.
The magician looked at her.
“Missy, you’re already the most darling little girl I’ve ever seen!”
That’s when he noticed things he hadn’t noticed before, the differences between the skin tones between her face and hands, the way her eyes looked sunken in…
Like she was wearing a mask…
“MAKE ME PRETTY!” She screamed. This time the magician saw that she had no tongue and sharp sharp teeth.
The magician was terrified. He walked back, and tripped over a wand and landed on his rear.
“Please… Stay back…” She was stepping towards him menacingly, baring her sharp fangs.
“Make… me… pretty.”
Then the mask slid off.
It fell with a splat onto the floor, and the magician saw it was real human skin. He was too scared to look at the creature’s real face, so he stared in horror at the mask.
“Make me pretty…” the voice was less cutesy now… it was raspy and evil.
“I… I can’t…”
He glanced up and saw the thing’s horrible face. It was wrinkled and pink, with those sharp teeth, small black eyes, without a nose…
He couldn’t move as the creature lunged towards him.

The magician strides onto the stage, tall and twitchy, wearing his usual outfit, only this time it was stained horribly with something. The magician looked at the yapping children with black eyes and readjusted his mask.
His stomach growled as he looked at the children. He hadn’t eaten all day, he’d been too busy trying to look pretty.

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ViolentViolet666 avatar
7 years ago


Omfi avatar
7 years ago

Total mindfuck, did he become the monster.

7 years ago

In my opinion I didn’t like it. I just didn’t like the end of it.But I recommend you keep going the intro was great I’d love to see how you improve 🙂

thatcreepytrainer avatar
8 years ago

good job i really loved this creepy pasta

bosoxrock avatar
8 years ago

Nice twist at end, awesome minipasta. 10/10

8 years ago

Seasone with the wrong grammer flakes but still a pretty tasty pasta 3/5

Stranger204 avatar
8 years ago

So glad to see this Pasta made it!… Well done

KuraiKitsune831 avatar
8 years ago

Sweet short and savory great job!

Dragonblood3 avatar
8 years ago

I like it, you have the making of some good creepy pastas

8 years ago

Nicely done. Good story, nice details. Work on your tenses and grammar a little, and you could do some really good work!

Lione.SD. avatar
8 years ago

ok im only the bloody swordsman because im stained with red of my blood i purposely make myself bleed

Lione.SD. avatar
8 years ago

hehehe i dont need to be pretty as im the bloody swords man

8 years ago

dude this was sweet i really liked it you did a awesome job

8 years ago

this fucking sux

creepypoodle avatar
8 years ago

the pasta is great, but the monster is now the magician?

xar who hunts ombra
xar who hunts ombra
8 years ago

it makes me think of the story called “Emily”

CreepyPastaMasta avatar
8 years ago

the tense was a little bit messed up so just choose one and try to stick with it. but great small pasta overall 4/5

8 years ago

The tensed are a bit off. Stick to one tense unless you’re changing the scene. But otherwise it’s a great story. Work a bit on your grammar and you can make a really good pasta.

WitchingHour avatar
8 years ago

It was a good story but the random transition between using past and present tense was a bit jarring.