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Alone and Sick

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Alone and Sick

Day 1:
It hasn’t been long since the outbreak began, it was originally simple. A few bad cases in Africa and Asia but then it seemed to spread into Europe very quickly. Being a new scientist I am to record the examinations and… Morgue reports of the victims who arrive and to discover what this virus might be. Since I was just invited to Europe they instantly quarantined me and are keeping me in this non-contaminated environment. The walls are a sterile white and the only exit I have is the door which of course is locked to prevent spreads into the work zone. They’ll be calling me out soon to do some recording and I’ll try to write down some things in my journal as well though it may never see the light of day since all of this is so hush hush.

Day 2:
God it’s horrible, the first thing I had to do when they made us leave the room was see the first stage of whatever they’re calling this new sickness. The patients were crowded in a gigantic cell, it smelled like vomit and blood. They brought 7 other scientists as well. 5 had to leave because of how graphic it got near the 3rd stage but I’ll get to that later.

Already though I remember seeing all those faces behind those windows. They were sunken in and some were bloody and missing chunks of flesh. Some were crying in corners and hitting their heads on the wall. The lead man who was walking us through gave us the symptoms of the first stage since there so far was no way to prevent it. The symptoms ranged from mild paranoia to blood lesions and even minor tissue degradation. Many of the people in the cell pushed against the windows and cried to be out of the cell but the only thing they succeeded in was smearing blood on the glass.

The second stage symptoms were just like many other diseases, meaning that the symptoms that were already prominent get worse. The second holding cell held a lot less people but the cell itself wasn’t lite up like the one before. It was dimmed but not completely dark and when the lead decided to turn the lights up I heard the howling from inside as the afflicted people began banging on the glass and the walls trying to break them down and escape the light. At the second stage their eyes would become light sensitive while pigment would start to peel away. Their eyes would become a milky color and their hair began falling out or rather they would start to rip it out. Agonizing pain and insanity became common while blood lesions and rotting tissue began to flourish across their skin.

We could only just get to the third before we instantly had to leave since too many scientist quit out and fled back to their rooms. The third seemed to be a separate level and most security forces termed to the cell as “the first level of hell”. Though I only got a glance I will never forget the horrid figures behind those windows. The room was almost fully dark as well but just bearable while inside lay people who were almost akin to corpses. Some missing jaws and fingers while their eyes were either clawed out or rotting in their sockets. As if they sensed my presence they cried out no longer wishing for freedom but hoping to be alone in their pain. The people in the third cell were scattered about and not touching one another. Finally the breaking point came when two bumped into each other and began to rip each other apart. A skinny female who was missing one eye and two fingers on her right hand bumped into a burly man who’s skin was nearly deteriorated fully and his eyes were torn out. When the female bumped into him he promptly turned his bleeding sockets to her and took a bite into her face ripping off facial muscles and skin. The female screamed and others in the cell began to rip others apart as if their skin was nothing but paper. Blood spattered the glass but it was a sickly blackened color that squirmed as it hit the glass. The small female had most of her skin ripped off and both arms pulled out from their sockets. The arms were then being eaten by other victims of the disease while others went into a frenzy. More tearing and vomiting and we were soon removed from that place of death and decay. I fear for my sanity seeing all of these people becoming animals and tearing at each other like monsters. I am afraid to sleep tonight and I’m dreading having to go through more cases.

I can’t sleep. I woke up from a nightmare and I can’t forget it, it’s too horrifying. It began with me running in a dark hall way while blank eyes stared at me. I tried get away but something would hit me and I’d fall over. It was the skinny female and she would rip my stomach open and begin to eat my organs. Then she’d rip me apart until the others came over and began to claw out my eyes and tear open my throat with their dirty blood caked fingers. I woke up screaming but of course I was just in the dark room while a faint light shone outside my room. I’m sitting against the cold door now and trying to listen to the outside. Guards brought up the horror in hell, the skinny female’s death causing a feeding frenzy. I couldn’t help but cry remembering that scene. They also talked about the death tole and how it began to spread into America. I prayed my parents would be alright, living in Maine had some advantages at least right? It couldn’t get to them, no way… Right? I really hope this can end soon I don’t want more of the Stage 3 events happening again. Supposedly there were 5 stages of horror and agony; I can’t imagine anything worse than what I already saw. I’m gonna try and get some more sleep, if someone reads this please please don’t let this disease win… Goodnight.

Day 3:
I’m starting to lose track of time since they only announce wake up and rest time. I couldn’t get any extra sleep last night because every time I tried I’d just wake up from the same dream. When I tried to open the door there was a voice telling me to stay inside. I asked why and they just told me about a subject escaping containment because he was due for movement into the fourth stage cell. I had to wait until he was dealt with to leave my sterile room. I won’t have much to do so I’m writing now. It feels like an eternity since there was any update and all I hear is every now and again a small clinking of metal against metal. I’m hoping something will come up soon so I can write it down, I know today I’ll go through the 4th and 5th cells so I’ve gotta steel myself but I keep remembering what happened in that 3rd stage. How savage it all was and how if one had gotten out what would happen if it infected someone?

Oh god. It just got dark, really dark. The last update I heard was that we weren’t supposed to leave our rooms and we were supposed to stay away from the doors. It couldn’t be anything serious right? I mean the 3rd stages were supposed to be light sensitive so it has to just be in case… but then why wouldn’t they do that in the first place?! Could it have gotten to the generators? Could it have killed the guards? That’s impossible all the guards are armed to the teeth and we all have to wear sterile clothing. There’s no way one patient could cause the lights to turn off. I’m gonna just leave it here I hope I can get out soon it’s starting to get scary.


Day… Who gives a fuck:
I don’t remember when this all started but it will end soon. I haven’t written for a long time. I don’t think there’s any reason to. I can’t really see what I’m writing anyway since the light is so dim. Last time I slept I heard something down the hall like the banging on my door and a scream. I’m starving and I put my bed against the door and I started eating paper from books I brought with me. If I look out of the small window to the outside I just see that same white like my cell is. I’m afraid I’m the only one left alive just because I’ve been quiet and holed myself up in my room. Every time I try to sleep my dreams get worse though, sometimes I can wake up to sounds in the darkness and that clinking metal sound. I don’t think I’ll make it out and I’m running out of ink to write. I don’t think anyone will find this but I hope they will and maybe I’ll survive till then long as the ink doedndh

Day help me please
I’m starting to bleed and I’m using it to write. I have to write small. Uses less blood. The doors open. I’m infected. They don’t hurt each other. We suffer together. All in the dark. All alone. No one here. I try not to cry. Hurts but gives me more ink. Not thirsty or hungry anymore. Vomit constantly and everything smells bad. Eyes are starting to hurt. Hope that’ll end.

Day it’s over
Fingers rotting. Book hard to hold. Running out of blood. Trying to steal from others. Color starting to turn black again. Looks like real ink. Killed person to get blood. Gross. But flesh not so bad. Don’t vomit it up like everything else. I know I’m 3rd. 5ths live in basement since they hate light. Ripped out my left eye. Hurt too much. Right eye good eye since it still works. Know it’s over. Know I’ll become four soon. Starting to look like them. Head rot. Blood everywhere and teeth missing. Skinning down. Bones break easy. Still need to survive. Maybe write soon. Maybe not.

Day end
Over. 5th. Light hurt. Can’t see. Right hurts. Leg gone. Blood on pages. Miss old days. Writing words full. Everything hurts. Rotting. Rotting. Can’t move. Crying unstoppable. Pain. Please end. Skin mostly gone. Everything dirty. No one around. Usual. Dark figures. Always in vision. Scratch places till blood comes. Always screaming. Lungs and throat don’t work. Blood ink hard to get. Flesh low. Don’t need. Not hungry. Zombies. Ha. No. Not zombies. Night night. Dreams bad but no matter.

Goodbye. No more. Go to sleep forever. No more pain. More sleep. Night night.

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HanzoisGod avatar
4 years ago

pppbhhhbbttt shhhhkll shhhhhhhh hahahahhahahah

6 years ago

jeez thats a lot of comments on how you should be writing.. i honestly couldnt understand what that guy was saying anyway..

this was awesome !!! — it was written the way YOU might write a diary and how YOU might experience this – doctor or not… this is not ebola or cholera — this is something no human has experienced.. a doctor doesnt experience people tearing their eyes out..

this was great .. you did great.. this was creepy and i love the way it was put together. excellent short story !

7 years ago

How did he get infected?

GrimmBullet avatar
7 years ago

It’s an interesting idea and the execution wasn’t bad.

Raevyn avatar
8 years ago

The main idea is good, the writing needs some work.

F1Ethan avatar
8 years ago

Good this might of taken along time to write Good job.

DreamTherapy avatar
8 years ago

This was really creative and interesting please keep writing also if you meant it to be gory job accomplished

8 years ago

I love how the story is carried out but the ending is sad. I felt so bad for that poor man. 10/10 that was an amazing story.


i love this it is absolutely perfect

Browtherkerson avatar
8 years ago

I’ll start saying that it’s a good idea that’s executed poorly.

He’s a medical scientist and by being so, he should treat this disease more clinically, without this abundant use of horror towards the symptoms as he probably has seen other diseases – like Ebola and Cholera.

The gory descriptions are just a bunch of words with other words without a wish of making the reader don’t want to see it anymore because of it being horrifying, as well as being a very hard – and consequently frequently bad – way of causing terror.

Third, there’s the whole diary composition. People write as a way of sharing their experiences through a lot more thought and here he doesn’t. It looks like he is making more like a mental diary then a true one. You try to decipher what you feel to the paper when you write something like this.
If you were for a more clinical view of a diary, then the shift should have been less perceptible. He should explains the stages and depict his views about it then slowly shift to his true feelings about everything.
Moreover, his whole descent into madness isn’t believable. It seems fake. He looses an eye, he kills a person, he’s slowly becoming what he feared and still can think that rationally? He still can think about things critically and realize what’s going on with him? Why the others can’t? He’s special in some way?
A great read to see how it can be nicely done is through Somnambulism, a creepypasta here. It shows examples not only of the descent to madness but of the whole diary theme.

This is how I felt about this story and why I gave a 2/5. I’m not the one with all the answers but I’m trying to fix your writing if you wish to develop it further. Again, a good idea about the zombie theme being treated by a medic scientist and he slowly becoming one, but it could have been better.

Keep writing.

cuvnk avatar
8 years ago

i like it