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Mother’s Love

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Mother’s Love

You wake up in the middle of the night. Your cat is cozily nested behind your knees and the weight of your blanket warms your tired body nicely. You sigh happily. When you are about to drift again into a sweet slumber, your cat hisses and runs frantically off your bed and hides behind the curtains.

She has never acted so oddly before, and that upsets you. You look around in your room for anything that could have startled her but nothing is out of the ordinary. You stay still and listen for anything unusual. You can hear your cat drinking water from her bowl in the hall, making that disgusting slurping sound that always disturbs you. Relieved that nothing is wrong, you lie back down and pull your blanket up to your chin.

But before you close your eyes, you see the shadowy silhouette of your feline friend ducking under your desk, her hair standing up. You gasp. If it isn’t your cat drinking water then where does the sound come from?

Slowly and as silently as possible you get off your bed. But despite your best efforts, the old wooden framework groans loudly. You freeze. The slurping sound stops for a second before it resumes. Any doubts that this was your imagination’s doing are cast away.

Heart pounding on your chest, you tiptoe your way to the door. You step out of your room and look across the hallway, towards your cat’s bowl. And there you see her.

Your mother, crouching on hands and knees. Her limbs are long and skinny and her fingers are gaunt and bony. Her messy hair covers her pale, distorted face; her skin stretched against her cheekbones. She is licking greedily the water in your cat’s bowl with a tongue black as coal and twice the normal size.

Suddenly, she stops. She slowly turns her head towards you. She stares deeply into your eyes; her pupils two unmoving dots of malice.

You jump in panic and run back into your room while your mother gallops on all fours towards you. You close the door behind you, moments before it starts shaking violently; loud bangs echoing across the house. You quickly throw your body against the door, blocking it. The whole doorframe quakes fiercely, but you hold firm.

Then, the banging stops. An otherworldly sense of stillness hangs in the air. After a few seconds of excruciating silence, the knob starts turning.

“Honey, is something wrong?” you hear your mother’s soothing voice from the other side. “Why did you close the door? I am worried. Please, let me in.”

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5 years ago

oh my gosh now im fricken creeped out by my mom……damn……..good story tho

LaughingJackinabox avatar
6 years ago

This story is beautifully uncomfortable for me…I love it…It is a great story..

6 years ago

why haven’t my mom and dog fought yet… XD

ColeyCreepypasta avatar
6 years ago

Check out the video I made on this!


Ambarish kumar
Ambarish kumar
6 years ago

Is the mother dead or something?[spoiler][/spoiler]

Twiple avatar
7 years ago

Omg….Don’t usually get scared by this site often but…..Mother fudging this one got me

LolerioNark avatar
7 years ago

Wait, so was that person at the end your actual mom hearing the commotion coming to check on you? Was that creature just posing as your mom or was it actually your mom turning into a monster or was it actually your mom who had demonic intentions? If it was actually your mom, did it turn back into your actual mom to come in and check on you or is it still just the creature wanting into your room? So many questions .O. Amazing story, 10/10

7 years ago

this made really uncomfortable and ill start sleeping with my bedroom door locked and a chair proped infront of it

nyctophiliacxx avatar
7 years ago

And this is why i dont like my cat because he always talks to me like my mother.

Moonshine_Utilizer_ls avatar

Not at the peak of perfect descriptions, but it’s still entertaining.

C.Alexander avatar
7 years ago

I like this. Pretty creepy shortpasta. GJ

LiverEater82 avatar
7 years ago

Great pasta *grabs katana from from under the bed*

TheSuperBowles avatar
7 years ago

Not many can write well in second person, props to you my friend! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

FlamingGhoul369 avatar
7 years ago

Hey maaaaaaaaaaa? How 2 file restraining orderz furr dummies?

creepyinthecubicle avatar
7 years ago

so….not everyone’s mother drinks out of the pets bowl?

mctammany13 avatar
7 years ago

Very descriptive. The word gallop really paints a sinister picture of how fast the situation is occurring. I also love the contrast of the story.

8 years ago

The description of the mom creeped me the fuck out, nice job!

TheCornerStore avatar
8 years ago

YAY more fule for my paranoia

ashley_the_killer avatar
8 years ago

Oh God shouldnt have read this at 2am
*locks all doors*

NinjaSkittlez avatar
8 years ago

pretty good I like it.