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Bloody and beaten from the journey you’ve had, you finally arrive. A haunting, immense palace of the long fallen kingdom comes into view. Crumbling staircases and ornate statues in every direction you look, each statue represents something, this kingdom… was built on fear. Fear of dying out. As you climb the stairs, you look at each engraving in the cracked stone walls. Horrific experiments displayed, various ways they have tried to impregnate their females, mutilation, torture, mutated fetuses, birth, death, and so much more.

You step inside the palace. There is an eerie silence. Deafening in a way as if the people of this kingdom are watching you.The only hint that people even lived here, however, is the bodies. Hanging from the grand ceiling of the palace, a kind of organic, veiny cord attached to each of their heads and stitching together into something unseen above.

You did not come this far for nothing. Your health is rapidly declining after having removed the parasite that had attached itself to you in the beginning of the journey. You are now bleeding out, your body unsure of what to do in the absence of the parasite that had once been a part of you. It had weaved itself into your body, one of its tendril protruding from the centre of your hand had acted as a key. You have killed the Crater Queen to get here. Each door, each puzzle you have thus completed, will be nothing compared to this.

In the center of the vast, empty room, the surgeon robot waits. It is a beautiful machine, intricately crafted to hold everything needed for an in-depth surgery. With its multiple appendages, some hold saws, others scalpels, and two long pincers. A main set of arms end in long, knife-like fingers.

It’s time. The ritual must begin. You feel fear now, knowing the amount of pain you are about to experience will be beyond anything you’ve endured thus far. As you place your arms and legs into the restraints of the operating table, locks snap into place to hold you down. The robot surgeon is stiff, centuries of dust and grime caked into its joints. It comes alive when it senses your presence.

Your limbs immobile, you watch as another machine emerges from beneath the operating table. this tube-like pump clamps between your legs, another gentle whirring and the instrument begins to work. A warm feeling spreads throughout your body, and soon, searing waves of pleasure wash over you.

The next procedure starts. The robot clicks and swivels to face you, its knife hands break the cold silence of the palace, slicing without hesitation into the exposed flesh of your abdomen.

You cannot scream, your anatomy has adapted to this harsh reality. Muscle and skin has grown over where your mouth should be. The robot surgeon continues the procedure, rearranging each of your organs. This will continue for the remainder of the surgery..

By this point, the only thing keeping you conscious is the conflicting sensations of pleasure and pain. As the robot surgeon continues to work inside your abdomen, another pair of arms emerge from its back. The two hands you had seen earlier, wielding serrated saws. On these tools is the dried blood of the last procedure. As the saws begin to spin, becoming a blur of metal, a low hum drowns out the sound of the knives cutting your abdomen.

The surgeon’s main hand grasps your neck to tilt your head toward it. It brings the saw to your forehead, and the low hum of the machine becomes a squelching spray of red as it slices into your scalp. The blade makes its way to your skull, and soon the saw has cut a clean slit all the way across your head. The saw stops, and the robot surgeon retracts the instruments back into itself. It brings a new arm to your head, and uses the pincers to grasp the detached bone. With a bit of effort, it peels the skull cap off your brain, tossing it to the side. A steady stream of blood momentarily blocks your vision. A heaviness falls over you as you bleed. You flinch as the surgeon attaches you to the hive mind, the fleshy cord embeds itself into your brain. One last independent thought crosses your mind. You no longer have free will.

The procedure… is complete.

* * *

December 2023

My inspiration for this creepypasta came from the atmospheric horror video game ”Scorn” which, as I’m writing this, I have never played. Only watched the playthrough on youtube. Discovering this game stirs feelings inside me that I otherwise wouldn’t have known.

The beautifully grotesque art design, inspired by the works of H.R Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński, is an unconventional approach to horror gaming.

In order to connect to the hive mind, you must undergo a surgery, a surgery without anesthetics to take away the pain. The strangely frightening thing being…you must feel extreme pain and pleasure at the same time in order for the procedure to work.

Imagine the horror of waking up to a surgery being performed against your will. Perhaps you were once human, but those days passed long ago.


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drunkdracula avatar
4 months ago

Very well done! I’ve never played this game, Scorn, but now I’m intrigued. One of my favorite images: “The robot surgeon is stiff, centuries of dust and grime caked into its joints. It comes alive when it senses your presence.” Great visuals! Keep it up.

4 months ago

I did not understand what happened can someone explain

4 months ago
Reply to  automne

I didn’t quite understand the last part like he went through all that trouble to just to go through a surgery and loose his freedom to even think. However, this pasta was very tasty, I liked it. Looking forward to your stories.