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As usual; I was exhausted after yet another long day at work at an unimportant job in an unimportant place. I have a big social circle of friends and family. Christmas holidays were coming up. Had lots of traveling and festivity related preparations that had to be done by morning. Of course I had to do them all at the last minute because that’s what the cool kids do. Which meant I didn’t get home until very late.

Day-old leftover pizza and soda honestly never tasted so good. Because that meant I could just fall into my bed and put an end to what had been a hellish day. Thankfully as the tired old cliché goes: I was out like a light.

Only to be awoken by stars. Stars that continued to dance in my vision as my panic stricken mind raced to process my surroundings. As well as answer the most obvious questions:

Where was I!? Currently inside my own closet.

How did I get there!? My body tells me that I’d been thrown.

By what?! When my eyes found the impossibility currently standing at the side of my bed. Slightly bent at an angle as if it needed to do so to be able to toss me from my bed. When it shouldn’t have been capable because it lacked the appendages. At least it should! But that grotesque octopi-like arm protruding from it and pointing in my direction found some way to exist!

I never blinked so hard and fast in my life. Even slapped myself as hard as I could to try to wake myself from what had to be the weirdest, most realistic nightmare I’ve ever had! All the while the wooden door took slow, deliberate versions of steps towards me and what had always been just a doorless closet.

As it’s body began to undo a rather quick metamorphosis. Into a monstrous creature that very faintly resembled an octopus. Only armored in pitch-black scales. What very little wasn’t covered in scales was covered with wide, angry crimson eyes and mouths. Mouths that had way too many sets of what had to be more than just a dentist’s nightmare. Mouths that were drooling profusely with corrosive saliva that instantly made everything it touched magically disappear.

It patiently waited while I fully processed the existence of it and it’s grotesque, hellish glory. Waited longer still for me to realize it had somehow managed to drag it’s room encompassing bulk. Until it became the figurative and literal door barring me from freedom without my notice.

Thankfully as my dexterous tongue began coil around my dinner like a boa constrictor that had been warped by the flames of Hell. My dinner finally asked the question both of us owed the answer to. A question I’d waited far too long to hear:

“How long-?”

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14 days ago

This writing and story has left me very confused.

7Acts emoRoxyWolf avatar
7Acts emoRoxyWolf
13 days ago
Reply to  liviaapenne

same here