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Around me are the sounds of panic and horror. Gunshots fill the once silence air and people in white lab coats are screaming and running past my room. I know they are because I can see them through the reflective wall that shows my own reflection. How is this possible you might ask? Well, I was once the hope for humanity. This is how it began.
I was thirteen and still had some sort of life stitched together if you could call it that. My father was nonexistent and my mother trying to form a life out of broken pieces scattered all over the floor. I had no social life; I still find it very hard to open up to people and even share my ideas. I was a loner and my only friends were books.
I always knew there was something wrong with me; I never talked to anyone which made people think I was dim-witted, but I’m actually very smart. In seventh grade I was taking Algebra and so on. Next is the fact I hear voices.
I shouldn’t say voices. It’s mostly one voice telling me what will happen. The bombing of 9/11 or a volcano that will bring the deaths of thousands across the globe. Sometimes I can hear the dialogue associated with the event. A newborn child crying or an old person dying of cancer breathing in their last breath.
I am sorry I am probably boring you. I will cut to the point.
Last week, World War III began and an infectious disease spread like wildfire across the country. It made people go crazy, not like zombies, but worse. These creatures’ flesh started peeling off like the peel of banana, leaving white bone sticking out at strange angles and the red muscle showing only. The eyes of these once normal people would turn red, filling with blood and hiding the irises and pupils.
These people still had their intelligence, but lost sense of what was right and wrong. They killed others, not infecting but killing them in the goriest inhuman ways possible. The only way to become them was to have their poisonous blood seep into your body, making parts of your mind diminish until the part that made you was gone.
The scientists that came to me, I had no idea how they found me. My mother had just died from one of these red fiends, leaving me alone in the world, detached from this murder ridden society. I will not say how she died because it will surely give you nightmares for the rest of your life. I agreed to help try to save humanity to gain vengeance for my sweet mother’s death.
I was able to see where the creatures would strike, to save lives before they were lost. I would prevent causalities before they happened, and the scientists provided me with a home and this sense of good. I was finally helping others.
It was no use. The head scientist got infected and out of fear of dying, did not report this. He infected others in the complex and this is where I am today. Locked in my room and hearing screams and grunts from the other rooms. I am probably the only survivor left. It is strange the internet is still working here, but here is the story of how humanity failed to save humanity from itself.

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5 years ago

So they were basucally Fallout New Vegas Marked Men right ?

HellIsEmptyAndAllTheDemonsAreHere avatar
Facey McFaceFace
5 years ago

So, if the protagonist could foresee tragedies/attacks (28*Later meets Minority Report?), how did (s)he not foresee the outbreak at the facility?

KenRenzo avatar
6 years ago

It’s a good start. The whole tangent about the narrator’s life ruined the mood, however. Some grammar mistakes, but you have potential. I do love the concept, of this one person being able to save humanity, but unable to because of the mistakes of others.

FreekyPotato avatar
6 years ago

Great Pasta
Very Realistic!

Itsdarkinhere avatar
6 years ago

First I got hung up on the “silence should be silent” error, then I was disappointed that it didn’t have anything original in it other than the infected people had no skin. There needs to be a twist in the story. I know you can think of something we would all cringe at.

freakyforrest9 avatar
6 years ago

I’ll admit, while I was reading this story, I had 28 Days Later vibes. Regardless of that, it was an interesting zombie story read to say the least. Nice short story Keep up the Good Work! 🙂

Chaseti127 avatar
6 years ago

Unlike some dim witted people I thought your story was nice and very original.

Omfi avatar
7 years ago

I like that you have lots of detail

Toob05 avatar
7 years ago

Amazing pasta, 9/10 I would make it a little more to the point but it got there.

7 years ago

Write more, work on grammar, fuck you Jake. All together not bad at all. 8 fucking retarded Jakes out of 10

bloodyhair23 avatar
7 years ago

great i loved it i need reviews and fast my pasta has been sitting out its getting cold lol

TheCreepLord avatar
7 years ago

Complete and utter trash 0/10

screamkitty avatar
7 years ago

Almost Everyone here is hating on the guy, and jake that is not true you are just being a jerk this is probaly his first story, but there is no need to be mean. 🙁 but this story is great horrorfrantic. 🙂

mctammany13 avatar
7 years ago

It’s an interesting idea although, your grammar and wording was awful. It may be a little insulting in the way Jake put it although he is right. 2 infections out of 10.

vampiredragon avatar
7 years ago

This is a good start. There aren’t any inconsistencies and it’s written OK. Not too much drama but not boring. However, it has grammar mistakes and it’s too short. The idea isn’t original. It’d be a lot better if it was longer so it had more detail and development. Also, a longer story is usually more unique.

7 years ago

Wow if you’re going to insult someone at least finish your fucking sentence completely.

Mr. Gossebumps
Mr. Gossebumps
7 years ago

it was pretty good…but it is kind of small. An apocalypse is all was a classic scary story. Do it again but make it bigger.

Anathema__ avatar
7 years ago


tdmcnally avatar
7 years ago

Great story, just make it a little longer next time. Would love to read more.

Rushsinger avatar
8 years ago

Sorry, but I agree with Jake. Quite honestly, I don’t know how this one got past the review process. There’s nothing to it, the writing itself is atrocious and the fact that it has a couple of fans just goes to show that not everyone here can be trusted to decide what good quality is.