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Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Ballad – Prologue

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Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Ballad – Prologue

The following that was published is half of a now deleted internet group chat from the social media application known as Discord. Here, many users begin discussing a popular children’s restaurant that has been shut down for approximately almost 40 years, that being “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.” The reasoning for the group chat’s deletion from the internet is still unknown, but we’ve managed to uncover many of the messages that have been sent thanks to some notepads given by a user that wishes to remain anonymous.

FFike (3/10/2024) 5:46 PM

I’ve recently heard from a pawn shop owner about some old, vintage pizzeria restaurant chain that was known as “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza”…I got interested. VERY. What was that all about?

DYLANW (3/10/2024) 5:46 PM

I’ve heard about this Freddy’s restaurant, too! Very intriguing what i’ve heard about it, but I sadly didn’t live around the time it was opened 🙁

FFike (3/10/2024) 5:47 PM

yeah! Heard some interesting and creepy shit about it, but I want to verify if what I heard was actually true.

lukeskywalker4444 (3/10/2024) 5:47 PM

I remember my mother used to work there when she was just getting out of high school. She was hired by some dude named Kevin or smth, before she got hired as a janitor on the day. She said pizza tasted nice, and they even had custom arcade games.

FFike (3/10/2024) 5:47 PM

Oh, wow.

DYLANW (3/10/2024) 5:47 PM

Wait…custom arcade games?! How the fuck were they able to do that??

lukeskywalker4444 (3/10/2024) 5:48 PM

I seriously have no idea, but it was VERY impressive. She told me about all these technological leaps they had made, it was amazing. I could ask her more, if y’all would like.

FFike (3/10/2024) 5:48 PM

Yes, that would be greatly appreciated ! 😀

Potato_Beast (3/10/2024) 6:10 PM

I found a video on youtube about it, found footage type shit, where it was, like, the animatronics performing and shit. Looked terrifying honestly.

lukeskywalker4444 (3/10/2024) 6:12 PM

You mind sending it soon, please?

Potato_Beast (3/10/2024) 6:13 PM

It was deleted just recently, so idk if I can send it anymore, but I could describe what was going on. It was essentially them performing to “take on me”. There were three animatronics, which were a bear, a binny and a chicken, with the bear singing, the bunny playing the guitar, and the chicken…actually, idk what the chicken was doing, but they looked creepy asf. Seriously, how did children come here before?

jrman. (3/10/2024) 6:13 PM

lmao why are y’all still talkin about this shit? It’s just another Chuck E Cheese restaurant, nothing else that’s new.

Potato_Beast (3/10/2024) 6:14 PM

Correction, “Bunnie”.

Potato_Beast (3/10/2024) 6:14 PM


FFike (3/10/2024) 6:16 PM

I swear, I need to get my hands on a copy of that video someday. I’d kill to see it!

lukeskywalker4444 (3/10/2024) 6:30 PM

My mom just told me more. Apparently, something went down in the establishment she worked on. Five, or eight idk, kids went missing, and the killer was eventually found out to be some guy from accounting…William, I recall his name was.

On a side and VERY unrelated note, she told me there was a small boat water ride on the location, which was sort of like Jungle Cruise from the disney parks…it closed down due to poor sanitation, apparently, but it was pfun, according to her, at least. She rode it once.

Potato_Beast (3/10/2024) 6:34 PM

I know this story! A bunch of friends and I had an assignment to study serial killers, and we were assigned to William Afton. God, was he really fucked up in what he did, man. I swear, not even the Zodiac Killer comes close to levels of craziness.

DYLANW (3/10/2024) 6:59 PM

I looked up about some of the locations, and saw one from San Diego. It was HUGE, it looks like, even had like a whole darn carnival, with a popular attraction being “The Luminescent Tunnel”, where, essentially, it was this tunnel that was all glowing

FFike (3/10/2024) 7:00 PM

Omg, I didn’t know any of this! Ty, Dylan! Why did they close the carnival, tho? I’m curious!

DYLANW (3/10/2024) 7:01 PM

Oh, it’s because some kid got stuck on some ride, and it took them hours to get them down. No one got seriously injured, but the higher ups at Fazbear didn’t want anything like this to happen ever again, so they just removed it all, as they thought it would be cheaper, apparently.

arch1ve016 (3/10/2024) 7:19 PM

Doing an AMA on my upcoming Laughing Jack remake/adaptation 😀 ! Feel free to drop in.

disgusting_lad (3/10/2024) 7:30 PM

I’ve just asked my mother, who used to go there often when she was a kid, what it was like back then. She claimed there was an activity from time to time, named “cooking with chica”, where they got them to these plastic ovens, and they cooked this fake kind of pizza, but the first to win got a special prize from the prize counter. My mother won once, and got a figurine of one character…Lonely Freddy, I think it was? She donated it to an orphanage when she was like 13 but she had won a toy so yay!!!!!!!!!

FFike (3/10/2024) 7:30 PM

Thanks for sharing, Lad! That sounds amazing, tysm.

jimjamjom (3/10/2024) 7:32 PM

Some asshole in a costume kept stopping the stage performance. Had to kill him to stop fucking around.

jimjamjom (3/10/2024) 8:00 PM

Sorry for the last message, I was hacked. Idk what happened, sorry.

disgusting_lad (3/10/2024) 7:32 PM

Always glad I could help!!!!!!!11 👍

FFike (3/10/2024) 8:16 PM

Guys, I just got an email.

Potato_Beast (3/10/2024) 8:16 PM

What’s it about?

FFike (3/10/2024) 8:17 PM

It’s one from one Micheal Afton, who apparently had found my mail through one of my socials. Ima have to upgrade to nitro rq, message too long i’ll copy and paste. Brb.

FFike (3/10/2024) 8:31 PM

Hello. I just heard through your insta that you were looking for more info on Freddy’s restaurant chain? I’ve decided to tell you some stuff I know. Not to talk about Freddy’s itself, though, more about a very…personal and touchy matter. My name is Micheal Afton, I was William Afton’s son, the infamous serial killer. I used to go to that restaurant daily, mainly because my dad worked there. I didn’t really enjoy myself too much because of the animatronics or the arcades, though I liked talking to the staff. They were almost like family to me. There was this one guy…a technician, actually, who was named Henry, I believe. I think he had made the animatronics? I’m not sure. Anyways, he and I used to get along really well, especially because my dad soon became close friends with him around the same week shit started to go crazy.

I was there the week the restaurant was shut down. It was on March 13th, 1987, when the place was opened for one last day, and they were celebrating their 10th anniversary of being’s quite poetic, really, that the day they celebrated their 10 years open was the last day that they were open for business..I remember that, the day after, was the day my dad suddenly went missing. However, I remembered that, that very same day, he had to work the night shift to cover for someone else. And I remember that, when he came back home, he stopped by for only a few minutes, and was really shooken. The last thing he told me was… “it’s all just a joke made by god.”

Attached to this very message are various images of my dad’s personal journal, with more information about Freddy’s itself and the staff. However, I’ve also felt the need to attach some of the stuff relating to his…killings that occurred there. Just so people affected have a closure on this. It’s been an honor sharing this.


This is only one half of the discord group chat that we’ve found. The other half is currently being properly encrypted and annotated before we release it to the public.

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Nice! I am actually thinking about posting some FNaF creepypastas I wrote here, but it honestly depends if they’re good enough or not.

to be honest, I think it’s just the reputation of these FNaF pastas and they are known for their bad reputation, which is unfortunate- :/

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dont doubt urself.just do it dude

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btw this si the prologue so theres more right? not wanting to sound annoying tho

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thanks! u made my stressful school day

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