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Why I Won’t Go to Mockingbird Park

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Why I Won’t Go  to Mockingbird Park

There’s a reason I won’t go to Mockingbird Park,

Not just ‘cause it’s creepy, not just ‘cause it’s dark;

There are twisty twined trees, there are weeds and neglect,

But worse than all that is the “mocking” effect.

As you walk the park paths, you’ll hear a faint echo –

Footfalls – your own? – in that dim and grim ghetto,

Coming closer and closer as if someone’s there…

You whirl and see no one, just fog on the air.

So you whistle – it whistles. You cough – and it coughs.

Then from murky mists a gray shadow breaks off.

It’s your height and your size and your very same shape,

And then it’s upon you, no time to escape!

You suck in cold air, and then – poof – it moves through you.

You laugh at yourself – a shadow can’t chew you!

But you turn and see someone who’s walking away,

This person – your double! – you glimpse with dismay.

They continue their strolling on down the park trail,

While you melt into mist, a fog of gray veil.

And that’s why I won’t go back to Mockingbird Park –

I like being you.

I hope you like the dark.

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Gritfoshiz avatar
6 years ago

I love the poem format! Really well written but could be a lot scarier. 7/10

falaseth avatar
7 years ago

it was nice i like it a lot keep it up

Omfi avatar
7 years ago

Great pasta a mimicking pasta is very rare

RowyB avatar
7 years ago

I seriously love this structure!! What an amazing creepypasta – so original and yet still really gets you at the end. Amazing work!! 🙂

7 years ago

I liked it. The twist at the end

Tsorum avatar
7 years ago

me likey

Alex wes
Alex wes
7 years ago

Lets work on a story. Find me on Facebook. Im Alex Wes Craven

TheCreepyGuy avatar
7 years ago

Nice poem, plus it rhymes and is creepy, excellent!

MinamiLove avatar
7 years ago

This was really good. 5/5 from me. It was definatley long enough yet short enough to keep me interested the whole time. And I loved the ending. Great job!

vampiredragon avatar
7 years ago

The twist ending is awesome. The poem is well written and gives a glimpse of all the horror going on in mockingbird park. Leaves the rest up to the imagination.

AnaAndMia avatar
7 years ago

Very nice, short, and sweet.

7 years ago

I’m not shure if it’s because I’m stupid but I don’t get it

catlady143 avatar
7 years ago

Creepily-cute. I dig it. Compliments to the chef. Peace n stuff

7 years ago

This Is a Great Story

7 years ago

It was excellent i liked it a lot the words were rhyming and it was meaningful poem

7 years ago

Dang crap. This is skill. I thought it would be really lame and then I got a bit in and realized it was going somewhere and that twist ending got me good. I appreciate this poem.

Challen115 avatar
7 years ago

I reviewed this like 6 months ago. People, including me, like creepypoems.

Fatzattack avatar
8 years ago

It’s a good poem pasta that rhymes. It has a chilly atmosphere and it auctually left my thoughts to wander into darker areas… well done! 4/5

Karolop10 avatar
8 years ago

This story is awesome, it’s a really unique creepypasta that reminds me of a Edgar Allen Poe. And he is known as one of the best horror writers of all time. And it makes you have to think about the story and read it a few more times. This story is just excellent.

Dr.Bubblygum avatar
8 years ago

I remember reviewing this pasta, it was really good