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Black And White Dogs

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Black And White Dogs

The child jolted awake in the middle of the night, a scream lost in his throat. He was covered in cold sweat and trembling all over. The nightlight next to his bed illuminated his room. There was no monster. He had simply imagined everything in a brief, terrifying nightmare.

His hand reached through the darkness and pulled the cord to his lamp. The bulb flashed on and his room was liberated from the blackness. He would sleep with the light on just in case.

He tossed and turned but was unable to go to sleep. The problem was that he really had to pee. He did not want to venture out into the dimness of the rest of the house, he was afraid of the beasts that lurked in the dark corners that were waiting to snatch him and eat him up.

He eventually realized that he would not be able to go to bed until he relieved himself. He gathered up all the courage he had and let one foot touch the ground. He screwed up his eyes, waiting for a mottled green hand to come out from under his bed and grab his ankle. But it never came. He let his other foot touch the ground before making his way to the door and opening it slowly.

He ran as fast as he could out into the hallway before tripping over his own feet and hitting the ground hard. He scrambled up and regained his footing, turning to face the ogres of the night.

They were nowhere to be seen, they must have blended in with the darkness.

The bathroom was at the end of the hall. He was almost there. Suddenly, something furry brushed against his leg. He jumped and a gasp escaped his throat, but he quickly calmed down when he realized it was only Scruffy, the family dog.

The boy could not see the dog’s pelt in the shadiness of the hall, but could tell it was him from the way his nails scraped against the hardwood floor.

The boy stopped for a moment before scratching his dog behind his thin, crumpled ears. The boy noticed that there were many scabs on the back of the dog’s head. The dog panted with pleasure and licked the boy’s hand. Scruffy’s saliva was unusually thick. The moonlight shining in through the window illuminated the dog’s yellowish green eyes. The dog seemed to be limping slightly, as if it had recently suffered an injury to its leg.

Deciding to tend to Scruffy in the morning, the boy continued on the the bathroom. The dog brushed past him and made his way into the master bedroom, and boy heard the dog jump onto the bed of his mother and father.

The boy at long last made his way to the bathroom and was finally able to relieve himself. He went back to his own room with a sense of satisfaction over having beaten his fear.

The next morning something unusual happened. The boy’s parents had not awoken him. Thinking to himself that they must simply have slept in, he decided to surprise his mother and father.

He sneaked into their room like a ninja and hopped onto their bed with a yell. To his astonishment, they did not get up. The lumps in the bed that he knew were the sleeping bodies of his parents remained motionless.

He noticed that the bed was covered in white dog hairs.

But scruffy had a midnight black pelt.

A feeling of dread clutched at his heart and he tore back the sheets of the bed.

A scream of terror escaped his mouth. His parents lay there with their eyes shut- both their throats had been torn out and the mattress was covered in blood.

Tears blurred the vision of the boy as he stumbled into the kitchen and picked up the phone to call the police. Then he noticed something from the outside window.

Scruffy was inside the fence that his now dead master had built for him, and he was barking madly.

Scruffy had been outside all night.

As the boy looked harder he saw that Scruffy was badly cut and bleeding. The boy opened the door and let Scruffy inside, he pulled out some paper towels and began to mop of the blood that covered his dog. He then saw that Scruffy was clenching something in his teeth. The boy pried the dog’s jaws apart and the thing his dog was holding fell to the ground. Something sour rose up from the boys stomach and came up into the back of his mouth.

It appeared to be a chunk of flesh from the leg of some kind of wild animal, and the hair attached to the soft tissue was white.

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Nelson Smith, more commonly known to the users of the Creepypasta Community as SnakeTongue237, or just SnakeTongue, is a young writer from North Carolina who has been interested in subjects such as horror and death from a very early age. He started out writing short stories for his own enjoyment before finding an outlet for his insanity: the internet. His major writing influences would definitely include authors such as Stephen King, Clive Barker, and Lois Duncan. He has also drawn inspiration from film, primarily classic horror flicks and low budget slasher movies from the 1980’s, as well as his own personal life and fears.

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Chaseti127 avatar
6 years ago

What if the dog didn’t kill the boy cause he wanted him all along?

FlareArrowwood avatar
6 years ago

I bet the creature didn’t kill the boy because the boy petted it. The kid didn’t scream or anything, but he didn’t know what it was.

Kookiegirl avatar
7 years ago

Aww I feel so bad for the child and his parents!!

HellIsEmptyAndAllTheDemonsAreHere avatar
7 years ago

Better than 90% of the pastas I’ve read because it’s actually technically pretty well written (was it actually proofread?) with no glaring errors; also, for a change it wasn’t written in the first-person. Only quibble is that the ending dragged on for too long after the shock~twist~reveal.

RowyB avatar
7 years ago

Great story!! That’s like my worst fear – waking up in the middle of the night and needing to go to the bathroom only to meet something in the hall. I always just assume it’s my cat….

The_man_behind_YOU avatar
7 years ago

I liked the way that the child instantly jumps on the parents dead bodies under the sheets when they don’t respond. btw why didn’t the dog kill the kid too?????

Dragonlordmikey avatar
7 years ago

Awesome story plz keep up the good work.

7 years ago

@Yukiproxy yes!! Haha omg I just re read this again and was like hey that reminds me of that one spoopy story and then realized I’d already commented that

Tavir avatar
7 years ago

Really enjoyed it, it was a good idea to narrate it fromvthe childs point of view too

lynnamora13 avatar
7 years ago

I enjoyed this story, it has a simple story-line which makes it easier to follow. Overall rating i’d say a 4/5 because of the realism to the story with the off chance of something like this happening in real life due to a wolf attack of some sorts. At the same time, it was a bit cliched and was a but easy to guess the ending.

adawamafever avatar
7 years ago

it left me with a ooosshh

DeniseAM avatar
7 years ago

The story felt good and I definitely liked the style in which it was written. It didn’t drag on and it wasn’t vague either. There is some room for improvement but overall it’s a good piece of writing.

7 years ago

This story, although having an interesting premise, is painfully mediocre in its writing style and content. All the blood and gore seemed meaningless and cliche. The boy didn’t react to situations natually; and if the white dog killed his parents, why didn’t it kill him? You write too fast and you don’t create a scene or tension in your writing.

Anyway, this is just my opinion. You can only improve with each piece you write. Keep up the good work.


Smillydog123 avatar
7 years ago

Really good creepypasta

7 years ago

Nice creepy factor. Well written. I have gotten up many a night and been scared witless by my dog before I realized it was him. Keeping the lights on from now on, though.

mctammany13 avatar
7 years ago

I like how mature you made this child act. Most people write children’s behavior as being weak and unable to think clearly in such situations.

7 years ago

This reminds me of a story my teacher told me, but there was’nt a dog.

ThatPokemonFan avatar
7 years ago

Woah. That was really good. I was expecting the boy seeing the creature attack his parents, but it was still a good Creepypasta. 10/10

Alex wes
Alex wes
7 years ago

The part that killed the moment was that the CHILD knew the piece of fur/meat was a leg segment.

YukiProxy avatar
7 years ago

@livvy You mean the one called “Humans can lick too”?