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Baby Doll

Baby Doll

In rural southern Illinois a toy company began selling “realistic” baby dolls to expectant mothers. But apparently after the mother had her child the toy baby would start crying. Eventually the “rocking motion” advertised to calm it down wouldn’t work, and you couldn’t get it to stop without shaking it.

Eventually when it started crying the parent would have to beat it, and the beatings and thrashings would have to get harder and harder to get it to be quiet. The only thing that seemed to shut the baby doll up permanently was the bash its head against the wall to destroy whatever mechanism triggered the crying.

On more than one occasion though, neighbors called the authorities to report child abuse, and when the police arrived they found the bloody remains of infants smeared across the walls and the floor. In most cases the mother couldn’t understand why the police were there, she just “got rid of the stupid doll” as she rocked a baby-shaped bundle in her arms.

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5 years ago

I knew exactly where the ending was going to go, and I loved it no less! Excellent story!

DrJagged avatar
5 years ago

50/50 chance of picking the right one.

God damn it, i killed the baby!


MaybeJaneTheKiller avatar
6 years ago

Well, never get me this doll…[spoiler]I live in Il[/spoiler]

checkyourcloset999 avatar
6 years ago

remind me to get one of those

mathemantic avatar
6 years ago

I’m confused… so the mothers’ were so diluted that they believed their children were dolls? I think there’s definitely a story here, but it needs more development

6 years ago

there is actually a name for this… Baby Blues.. well im definetly set on not having children.

Coral James
Coral James
6 years ago

I don’t know why she bought the doll anyway it is a fact that you should take a class instead of a fucking doll[spoiler][/spoiler]

CommanderMeouch avatar
6 years ago

Heh heh heh. I liked this one.

Proxykid101 avatar
6 years ago

I loved it…But I don’t know why…I think its because I have dolls like that But I don’t have to kill it to shut it up…..But I do like to pretend I kill the baby ever once in a while

Adean162 avatar
6 years ago

What a mistake. How can you get you real kid mixed up!?

Chaseti127 avatar
6 years ago


DiamondCevert avatar
6 years ago

Oopsy – Daisy.

PepperedAngel avatar
6 years ago

mommy where’s sissy?

Insomniac_Ink avatar
6 years ago

That’s creepy…

StephenKingFan12139 avatar

ooooh… realistic blood splatter too! Cool toy!

Firegod88 avatar
6 years ago

Impressively good with such a short length. 5/5

7 years ago

Very good story for the length of it

thedemonIx avatar
7 years ago

I loved it!!! I hate me some babies. Condoms people! Especially if you happen to be batshit crazy, like me….

TheDestroyer avatar
7 years ago

The mums like ‘WAD I DO?’

7 years ago

Well… that was a bit unexpected… but I was a great story anyways 🙂