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I’m Worried About My Son

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I’m Worried About My Son

I’m very worried about my son.

More than worried, at this point. Terrified. His behavior these past few weeks is not normal, not healthy. It makes me think there’s something wrong.

At first, he would just come and stand at the door way. He did this at night, just before I’d be ready to fall asleep. I’d roll over to turn off the lamp, and he’d be standing there, in the doorway. I used to try to speak to him. I don’t do that anymore. He never has answered me.

He just stares.

A couple of days ago, he graduated from standing in the doorway to coming in and sitting on the bed. He still doesn’t speak. I have asked him what he wants. I’ve asked him if anything is bothering him. It’s not like him to be so quiet.

He usually waits until my wife is asleep. That’s the part that gets me. She always falls asleep before me, and he has never come in when she’s awake. But then, she didn’t have a hand in this.

If something doesn’t change soon, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I’m starting to feel like he knows that I’m the one who killed him.

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6 years ago

Nice plot twist [spoiler]the son being dead[/spoiler] was not expected

LamiaTheSoulStealer avatar

I like how creepy yet short it is. its really nice to find a story that’s not fifteen pages long

Stan avatar
7 years ago

Damn that’t goog. That plot twist at the end 😀

Jaymee avatar
7 years ago

woah…. did not expect that….

7 years ago

Good read for a short story

nightofthelivingashley avatar

That was such a great plot twist! The title made me believe that the son was possessed or something of that nature so I didn’t expect that ending at all. It gave me the creeps. Keep up the good work!

Crystal07 avatar
7 years ago

Please keep writing more creepypastas.

theresasky1984 avatar
7 years ago

This is great. I didn’t expect the ending. Great job.

jamysl avatar
7 years ago

nice, I did not see that twist coming! Love your stories btw

ThatPokemonFan avatar
8 years ago

That plot twist is so good! 5/5 Don’t stop writing!

Miss Muffet
Miss Muffet
8 years ago


XXdecemberheartsXX avatar
8 years ago

Wow that was awesome. this is now one of my favorite pastas

Who_needs_sleep avatar
8 years ago

The weasel went pop and the plot went twisty twisty twist and my mind went what

H0meB0und_Sh0e avatar
8 years ago

Awesome. Totally didn’t expect the ending. Hope to see more from this author.

8 years ago

Whoa 0_0
okay then…
sleep is for the weak.

ashley_the_killer avatar
8 years ago

I really liked this pasta I like the plot of it and the plot twist [spoiler] I would have never imagined that the son was a ghost or that the dad killed him [/spoiler] anyway I hope u keep writing

TheMadGamer avatar
8 years ago

Great plot twist!

HiroyukiSE avatar
8 years ago

That twist in events though

tuari avatar
8 years ago

damn, great plot twist

Him avatar
8 years ago

This story was concise enough to really create an impact and raise questions for the reader (in the best of ways). Very well done.